The fourth telco company Circles.Life is launching this week

A fourth telco company is making its way to the market soon and to our surprise, it is not MyRepublic.

Launching this week is telco company, Circles.Life.


Circles.Life is able to break the high barriers of entry into the telecommunications industry because Circles.Life has signed a leasing deal with M1.

By signing the deal, Circles.Life is able to have a physical mobile network.

Circles.Life in comparison with other telco companies in Singapore

Circles.Life has not released any concrete price plans yet but here is what you can look forward to from the new telco company.


Here is how the plans from Circles.Life differs from the plans of other telco companies:

  1. There will be no contracts and the contracts will not be packaged with a mobile phone.
  2. Mobile phones can be bought through instalment.
  3. Customers pay monthly and will not be tied down with a two-year contract.
  4. Customers can get as much data as they want and if it is still insufficient, customers can go online to buy more. Customers will be charged per GB.
  5. Data that is not used can be used for the next month!
  6. Only SIM card data plans are available.
  7. No more waiting in line for a customer care consultant to answer your call — Circles.Life have a customer dashboard for customers to customise their plans.
  8. Free roaming when you travel!
  9. A mobile app will be available for customers to access their services with convenience.

Initially with MyRepublic stepping into the market, the three existing telco companies have upsized their mobile plans to attract more customers.


Basically to enjoy the upsized data plans, an additional $5.90 for M1 and Singtel plans and $3 for Starhub plans have been added to the previous plans.

The new improved plans are only available for new customers and customers who are planning to re-contract their existing plans.

Except for MyRepublic, these contracts are inclusive of Talktime and SMS or MMS.

So here are the difference between all the existing and arriving telco companies in Singapore — now it seems like we are spoilt for choice!

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Featured image via Circles.Life
With reference to Circles.Life, The Straits Times