Taiwan Officers Wanted

Taiwan is famous for its idol dramas, with its dashing male leads and doe-eyed female leads. But Cisco officers?

Well Certis Cisco apparently thinks the Taiwanese will make great auxiliary police officers, as it’s now on a recruitment drive to hire about 120 of them.

The company, however, has not revealed why it is specifically looking to hire from Taiwan.

Perhaps they are hoping these telegenic Taiwanese can bring some stardust to our shores with a romance between two Cisco officers. It could even be our answer to hit Korean drama Descendants Of The Sun!



Otherwise, what else can the Taiwanese bring to the table in terms of security that Singaporeans can’t?

1. They Can Speak Mandarin and Hokkien Well

Compared with many young Singaporeans who can barely muster a full sentence in Mandarin without some English words or Singlish words cropping up, the Taiwanese are able to converse completely in Mandarin.



They can even speak fluent Hokkien, a dialect whose usage is declining thanks to the Speak Mandarin Campaign.

Whom better than our new Taiwanese Cisco officers to communicate with those from the older generation, whose lingua franca is still Mandarin and dialects?

2. They Can Tolerate Rowdy Behaviour

Taiwan’s Parliament is famous for erupting into mass brawls. For Taiwanese used to this sort of thing, Singapore’s staid MPs and well-behaved populace must be a breath of fresh air.

Patrolling and keeping the peace at Singapore’s government buildings will thus be a walk in the park for the Taiwanese officers – unless somebody decides to attack Amos Yee again, if he ever returns to Singapore.

3. They Are Used To Dealing With Bigger Neighbours

Singapore’s position as the smallest country in South-east Asia, sandwiched between two much bigger countries, means it has many security concerns. We have had to worry about several thorny issues, from terrorists wanting to shoot rockets over from Batam, to radicalised maids and the perennial haze problem.



The Taiwanese are used to all that, having a giant, less friendly, neighbour next door, with the threat of military force always around the corner. Maybe they can teach us a thing or two about dealing with troublesome neighbours.

4. They Know All About Phone Scammers

Your aunt just got conned by a phone scam from China? Think fraudsters from China are FIERCE? Well, Taiwan’s phone scammers are worse!



Apparently, the technique and strategy of a Taiwanese phone scammer is 8 to 10 years ahead of those from China, according to a police professor, who stated that opinion on a Taiwanese TV show. (Source: Quora)

So much so that dozens of Taiwanese telecoms fraud suspects have been deported from countries like Malaysia, Cambodia, Kenya and Armenia this year.

In fact, most victims of Taiwan’s phone scammers are from the mainland!

So let’s just say our friends from Taiwan would be familiar with this sort of criminal behaviour, and they should be savvy enough to help us avoid it.

Taiwanese Cisco Officers

If all else fails, we will just look forward to a dose of Taiwanese culture, from one island to another.

Featured image from YouTube