CHC members still keeping the faith

Last Wednesday (21 Oct), the highly-anticipated verdict of the City Harvest Church (CHC) Trial was finally out: all six accused were found guilty.

With CHC being Singapore’s mega church with a large Christian following, would this verdict affect the stance of the church members?

While some have spoken up against the church, others seem to have unwavering faith in Kong Hee and co.

City News, CHC’s news portal, interviewed members of the church to hear what CHC-ians had to say about the verdict.

Churchgoer of 23 years


Hi, my name is Kurt from W275.

I’ve been in this church for the last 23 years. Naturally, I’m disappointed in the judge’s verdict. But I believe that our latter days are greater than our former days. I still believe in God, in this church. My family is grounded in this church.

I believe in you, Pastor Kong, and the rest of the leadership. And for me, my family will continue to grow in this church.

Elim Chew, founder of street-wear brand 77th Street


Of course I’m very saddened by the news.

My heart cries out because I love all of them very much. But most importantly, I believe now it’s to come together as family and be supportive of everything that is happening, and the family as well. We’re in prayer, and we’re praying for miracles as well that will happen. And I’m most excited today, because after seeing the church, coming together, believing, and also believing in the new management, and the board, and the pastors.

We’re here together as a family, and from here onwards, this is only one way up. And with God’s presence with us, I know we’re called for a greater destiny ahead, and a greater purpose for Asia and the world.

The one who still believes


This woman, who was on the verge of tears, spoke in Mandarin. We’ve translated it here:

When I heard the verdict, my heart felt heavy and I felt disappointed. But I know God still holds the power.

During today’s get-together session, I felt deeply touched. I felt very proud to tell others that I’m a disciple of Jesus. I’m also very proud to tell people I’m a disciple of Kong Hee.

In Jesus, I found a new life. But it was really Pastor Kong’s teaching that helped me grow in my faith. No matter what this family experiences, I’ll always be this family’s child. Thank you God for showing us the way, and we believe that they’ll be more children emerging from this family. And let’s not forget, we will not waver in our trust in Jesus. And our love for our leaders, our heart for the church’s leadership has never changed.

God will bring more honour out of CHC, and together, we’re all a part of it.

The one calling for unity


Yes, about what has happened over the past week, we’re definitely saddened with the outcome, but nonetheless as part of the church as a family, we urge you not to lose heart, stay together, and be united no matter what. the church must come together as one, be united, love god, love the church and be great.

The youths


Okay, I think when the verdict was out, my heart was a bit heavy, but I know that all along, it’s part of God’s plan.

And I look back on the 5.5 years of trial, I know that God is bringing us to a higher stage of spiritual maturity, and unity, and love. So I still thank God and I still praise God because I know we’re all in God’s plan.

And I think one verse that encourages me is from Matthew 7 — is that our lives should be built on solid rock, instead of on sandy grounds or on anything else, but we should place our faith and build our lives on Christ Jesus, always.

Because God will always make way for us.

So we were a bit distracted by the youth in black seated at the far right:


Just check out those wiggling brows:


The one who believes that the church will rise stronger


I just hope that through this situation all of us who are able to rise up stronger and able to show our support for Pastor more and more.

Even though situations didn’t really turn out the way we really expected, I pray that all of us will not lose heart about this issue. And remember, into the darkness he shines, out of the ashes we rise.

The one doing God’s work

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 11.58.32 am Source

My point of view is after five years of trials and tribulations, we finally come to an end, but I don’t think this is the end. There’ll be much more greater things to come. No matter what happens to pastors, no matter what happens to leaders, even if they’re incarcerated or not, we’re here to do the work of God.

We’re here to serve God’s people, and we’re here to change the world, for God.

The one who will still go to church

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 11.59.13 am Source

So naturally, together with the rest of the church, I’m saddened by the verdict. Despite the outcome, I still believe in the very cause of the whole Crossover, which is to win the loss in countries that are difficult to reach out to.

Basically, moving forward, we’re all going to rise up to the standard of the church. We’re going to love God even more, love the church even more, and we’re going to be the very ones that will continue to fill up the empty seats in church.

The daily churchgoer

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 11.59.32 am Source

Okay the verdict is not what we prayed for, but we’ll continue to trust in God, and pray for CHC and the leaders.

And we pray for a good sentencing, and thus pray that God will give the six accused wisdom whether to appeal or not to appeal. And as a church we will continue to stay united and strong as one.

And we will continue to come church everyday to show our support to Pastor and everyone.

The enthusiastic cell group member

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 11.59.47 am Source

Over the past three years, my cell group doubled in size, so I guess it goes to show that, trial or no trial, we’re still doing the work of God.

I’m so excited for the days ahead, I know that God is still with the church, God is still with every single cell group here, and we will continue to do the work of God.

Don’t worry, we’re in this together, and we’ll definitely go to the next level with CHC 2.0.

The children

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 12.00.02 pmSource

In lector-like manner, the children delivered their speeches as though they were reading the gospel:

When I first found out about the verdict, I was disappointed. But I believe that God has a plan for this church. I have grown up in the church since I was three, and I believe that this church is a place where everybody can grow up together.

Now we have a verse to encourage the entire church. Jeremiah 29, verse 11, for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you, and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future. We believe that this church still has a great future ahead, and we’re supporting everybody and we love this family.

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