CNA Producer Reveals Colleague’s Sexist Remarks, Gets Called Out By Ugly Netizens Instead


Producer Juwon Park Posts Screenshots Of Sexist Remarks Online But Netizens Feel She’s Overreacting

A Channel NewsAsia (CNA) cameraman who was accused to have made sexist remarks towards a producer has had disciplinary action taken against him.

According to CNA themselves, Mediacorp had concluded that investigations of the alleged inappropriate conduct were valid.


This comes after former CNA producer Juwon Park wrote on social media about being sexually harassed at work by a male colleague.

“You can’t be a presenter because you don’t have boobs”

Last Wednesday (4 Oct), former Money Mind producer Ms Park posted on her Facebook page claiming that the cameraman had made inappropriate remarks towards her.

Her posts – which have since been made private – showed a WhatsApp conversation with the alleged culprit, where she called him out for stating that she was unable to be a presenter because she “[has]  no boobs” and that girls shouldn’t “be too smart for their own good”.


Here’s the odd thing — the cameraman isn’t even Australian. Mediacorp confirmed that he is not Australian, and did not know “why he made the reference”. His nationality was not revealed, but CNA “understands” that he is Singaporean. How odd then, that he “forgot” he was in Asia, instead of Australia.

Backlash from colleagues and netizens

After news of disciplinary action being taken broke, Ms Park gave the following update where she claimed to face backlash from both colleagues and netizens alike for speaking out in “the most difficult week” of her life.

She also stated that despite what transpired, she did not regret doing so and hoped that the incident would prompt a more open culture within the company. She also revealed that she would be leaving Singapore.

It is sickening to know that Ms Park’s colleagues were beginning to ostracise her for the incident, with even her closest colleagues avoiding her and blaming her for being unable to laugh off sexual harassment.

While it’s not likely to know what her colleagues actually said, we were able to trawl through the various “local news outlets and sketchy online forums” she mentioned.

Some comments make for tough viewing, but not all of them were “graphic and disgusting” comments that objectified her. Instead, there were others who criticised her actions in going public.

Skepticism from netizens

Let’s start with CNA’s own Facebook post on the incident. It seems that some actually feel she was overreacting to the situation.


We’re not sure if Ms Park was expecting netizens to stand up for her, but let’s just say there wasn’t much support from the keyboard warriors.


Mr Kuo, for example, questions Ms Park’s decision to publicise the private conversation and blame company policies for discrimination.

Furthermore, some are skeptical as only a part of the conversation was provided — which they felt doesn’t back up the accusations made.


Let’s take a look at the discussion on HardwareZone, where comments tend to be less civilised than other social media platforms.

While derogatory comments about her physical features – which we absolutely do not condone – are present in the thread, check out some of the more reasonable responses that question Ms Park’s intentions of publicizing the incident.

Here, Ms Park is accused of being unable to settle a personal affair and taking it online instead.


While another questions her accusations and labels her as an “indoctrinated brainwashed feminist” who sees everything as being sexist.


One also calls her out for being unable to differentiate between sexist remarks and the truth.



Always keep an open mindset and don’t be too quick to judge

Once again, we here at MustShareNews would like to reiterate that we do not condone sexism and sexual harassment at all.

Every woman has the right to not be objectified and recognised for her abilities in the workplace.

Given that the cameraman was handed disciplinary action, perhaps it’s same to assume he has some degree of wrongdoing and is at fault for this.

Leaving Singapore might be good idea for Ms Park, who certainly does not deserve such unkind remarks for going public with sexual harassment.

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