Equatorial Spitting Cobra’s Venom Can Cause Blindness But Is No Match For This Helper

Our article has since been updated with the proper steps to take if you find yourself in such a situation.

Imagine stepping out of your house and seeing this.


This is the sight that greeted a Clementi resident on Monday (7 May), according to his subsequent Reddit post.

As one eagle-eyed /u/ pointed out, the snake was an equatorial spitting cobra.

The snake spits its venom at its victim’s eyes – and is surprisingly accurate.

The venom’s effects range from irritation to temporary and even permanent blindness.

When confronted by u/CapnSmunch, the snake got into its defensive position: with its tongue out and hood flared.

For a few hours after the post, Redditors chimed in with suggestions on how to deal with the situation.


Cobra v domestic helper

But all those warnings weren’t any use, since u/CapnSmunch had a special weapon on his side: perhaps Singapore’s bravest domestic helper.

She approached the cobra with a kitchen knife and slashed it.

If that wasn’t brave enough, she also videoed the entire process.


The video starts after the stabbing and is 2 minutes of snake torture.

Adding to the creepiness of the video is the helper’s seemingly tribal chants (you’ll have to watch it to understand).

Explaining why she killed the snake instead of having the authorities take it away, u/CapnSmunch explained,

We have a small dog so I think she was erring on the side of caution.

He adds that this isn’t the first time that his helper has killed snakes.

She’s apparently killed 2 before, including what he suspects was a banded krait.

Leave before it spits

The equatorial spitting cobra is found throughout Singapore.

Past incidents of attacks on humans here suggest that the snake favours woody areas and can sometimes stray into construction sites.

In 2012, a man caught a spitting cobra and caged it. Likely enraged, the snake spat into his left eye while in captivity. Thankfully, the man’s eye recovered completely. We just hope that it taught him a lesson about caging wild animals. And to equatorial spitting cobras reading, stay away from this Clementi home – if you know what’s good for you.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, know that most snakes only bite out of self defense or if they feel threatened. Furthermore, there’s no need to risk anyone’s safety by trying to deal with this on your own.

Close the door and call ACRES – they have a 24-hour wildlife rescue service at 9783 7782.

Featured image from Reddit.