Cockroach Infested Flat in Singapore

If you’re terrified of cockroaches, this is for sure going to be your worst nightmare come alive. A video has been circulating online of a cockroach infested flat, most likely in Singapore. Pretty much every surface imaginable is covered in thousands of cockroaches.

It almost sounds ridiculously unbelievable trying to explain this, so check it out for yourself:


Too Many Cockroaches

In the video, there is a woman standing around, covered in cockroaches too. She looks completely unbothered by the fact that she looks like she’s standing on set for a bug eating episode of Fear Factor.

A man then comes into shot and sprays her with pesticide feebly. He was probably in denial for thinking a can of pesticide was going to get rid of the thousands of cockroaches that can be seen climbing all over the place.

Yeah, we know. It doesn’t explicitly say it’s in Singapore. But there are some clues that lead us to be believe that the flat is in Singapore.

Eee, makes us itchy to even think about it.

1. There are plastic bags from local stores laying around

At various points in the video, plastic bags from NTUC Fairprice and Sheng Siong can be seen in the house.


Both Fairprice and Sheng Siong are Singaporean supermarket chains, so it’s pretty likely that the video was taken here. It’s so creepy to think that your neighbour might just casually have thousands of cockroaches running around their flat.

2. Company on the man’s shirt is located in Singapore

The man in the video trying to kill thousands of cockroaches with a can of pesticide can be seen wearing a shirt that says ‘PLT Engineering Pte Ltd’ on the back.


A quick Google search of the company and it comes up on the directory of the Building and Construction Authority.


The information suggests that PLT Engineering is a civil engineering company. Perhaps the woman in the video lives in the flat and the man works for the engineering company and he’s been sent to help her clean her mess. Although a pest exterminator would’ve probably been more helpful than an engineer.

3. Man heard speaking Singlish

Around the 0:22 second mark, the man behind the camera can be heard saying ‘walau’, probably wondering how he got himself into such a situation to begin with.

OK, fine, this ones a bit of a stretch. But with the grocery bags  and the Singaporean company, it’s pretty likely the video was taken in Singapore.

Not the first time

Sadly, this is not the first case of an extreme cockroach infestation in a flat in Singapore. The last widely reported case took place in 2015.

Cockroaches are so creepy. We can’t help but fear them, considering they’ve been around since the dinosaurs.


Here’s to hoping that it’s already been dealt with, because that would really suck for their neighbours. And if they haven’t already, they should probably use more cans of pesticide, or just move out and never deal with it again.

Featured image via Facebook