Condo Resident Caught On Camera Berating Security Guard

Being a security guard is often a thankless task.

Day-to-day tasks can be mundane, but interactions like the one you’ll see below will absolutely infuriate you.

A video shared on the SBS – Sure Boh Singapore page on Facebook depicts a man – presumably a resident of an unnamed condominium – in a heated exchange with an Indian security guard.

Man allegedly parked illegally in condo

According to the video caption, the man had parked illegally, without a parking disc.

Though we cannot verify how the page received this information, it would explain his clear frustration in the clip.

As repeated constantly in the 1:23 clip, we wonder why the man chose to aggravate an innocuous security guard, instead of airing his grievances with building management.

We summarise the short dialogue after the break.

A frank exchange of views

Here’s how the whole thing went down:

Man: Tell me, the whole car park is empty.

Security guard: Sir, don’t shout at me.

Man: I have to shout at you. You are the one who issued this one (warning letter) to me.

Security guard: Yeah, management rules and regulations. You not happy, you go back to the management.

Man: I don’t care. Who issued this one, I will get the person-

Security guard: Yeah, you go and ask the management tomorrow morning.

Man: You ask the management to come and talk to me. I’m the one who pay you money and yet you give me warning every time.

Security guard: Sir. You want to talk, you talk to the management. You don’t come here and shout-

Man: I don’t want to talk to them. You ask them come and talk to me.

Security guard: Yeah, whatever. But don’t come here and shout.

Man: If you issue me this one again I will come and see you. I will look for you.

Security guard: Yeah. You give me your contact number, I ask the management to call you.

Man: Ok. Come.

Security guard beckons to cameraman, who hands her a pen.

Security guard: Block and unit, sir?

Man: *inexplicably changing his mind* No!

Hate to break you out of this immersive story, but let’s take a little break from this riveting tale.


What a gripping narrative. Sorry for leaving you high and dry on that cliffhanger.

Now, let’s get back into the action.

Security guard: What? No now?

Man: You go and find out. You just take down my vehicle number. You ask them to find out. I don’t – not going to give you my telephone number

Security guard: Sir, you must understand one thing –

Man: No! I understand. But the thing is that you keep give me this warning for what?

Security guard: You go and ask the management!

Man: Eh, last time the management say: “Daytime I can park. Saturday, Sunday, Friday I can park.”

Security guard: Look, I’m not a Malaysian. You don’t just shout at me ok. You not happy, you go to the management. I’ve got enough of all this.

Man: Yeah! I also get enough of all this.

Security guard: I’ll go talk to management tomorrow.

Man: Tomorrow? You…you sit down right, you ask the management come my house. Ok. Think what?

Security guard: Think what? We look like Malaysian to you ah?

Ask management!

Evidently, what we’ve got here is failure to communicate.

Mostly on the part of the man in the video.

Seven times the security guard prompted him to take his grievances out on the management.

Seven times the man ignored the only point being made.


Observe basic courtesy please

We hope that the parties involved do resolve the situation soon.

In the meantime, be nice to the people around you, it’s only basic courtesy.

Featured image from Facebook.