How would school life be without friends?

There’ll be no one to guide you in your homework, no one to take wefies with, no one to dance with. Dull, lonely, and unexciting, for sure.

Raffles Institution knows all too well how this feels. Watch how they convey this message by ingeniously coming up with a campaign video that showcases two sides to school life – one surrounded with friends, the other none.

Named Raffles Palette, the video cleverly touts “What if life had more colour?” at the start of the video, portraying a boy in his school uniform walking presumably to school alone, plugged in to music and looking gloomy. Watch as his life transforms into a colourful one as you hit the ‘C’ button on your computer. We’re not spoiling it for you – watch it for yourself!

Teaser video:

Catch the full video here!

Featured image via Raffles Palette
With reference to Raffles Palette