10 People Combine Powers To Help When Van Crashes Into Tree, Showing Singapore Kampung Spirit Is Still Alive


Kampung Spirit Is Alive And Well

Who says that Singaporeans don’t have the kampung spirit any more?

In the fast paced society that we live in, it is rare that we interact with anyone who is not directly involved in our lives. Does this lack of interaction cultivate a sense of aloofness and a loss of empathy?

Evidently not.

Singaporeans have proven that the Kampung spirit is still alive and thriving, as illustrated by the two incidents that have happened in the past week alone. These inspiring stories of strangers who pitched in to help out when something needed to be done are perfect examples of Singaporeans showing the kampung spirit.

Van Crash


At 8am on Monday (March 13), a van was seen to have mounted a curb and ran head-first onto a tree along Stadium Drive.

It seemed to be emitting smoke from its dashboard and the driver was nowhere to be seen.

Here’s a video posted on Facebook of what happened next.

As seen in the video, the car tailing the van noticed the accident and stopped by the side of the road to check on the driver.


The person who submitted the video, Mr William Lee, then stopped by the side of the road behind the van and alighted to check on the driver, while his wife called the ambulance.

With the help of a few onlookers, Mr Lee signalled to oncoming cars to slow down and to keep to their right. Shortly, the group was joined by a few passing drivers as well.

The 10-man group then split up, with a few helping to pick up items dropped from the van. Others also acted as route marshals to provide ease of access to the ambulance.Two men also helped the driver out of the van and let him rest roadside while awaiting the ambulance.

Best of all, the helpers hailed from all 4 races – Indian, Malay, Chinese, Caucasian. What better demonstrates the kampung culture better than the different races working together to help their fellow friend?

The security staff from the nearby Sports Hub also can be seen stepping forward later on to help the passer-bys marshall the cars past the accident zone.



Facebook users were moved by the kind-hearted actions by the helpers and showered them with praises on the Facebook post.


Majulah Singapura!

Singaporeans seem to be eager to lend a helping hand to someone in need. This is not the only time where Singaporeans have shown empathy and care for their fellow men.

Just over a week ago (March 6), 20 onlookers and drivers worked together to remove a 3-storey-high tree which had fallen on the middle of the road, according to The Straits Times.

The fallen tree was blocking an entire road in Kaki Bukit and the frustrated drivers had decided to take matters into their own hands instead of waiting for the Civil Defence. Many more passers-by decided to join the effort and they managed to clear the tree on their third attempt.

Kudos to this group too!


Regardless of Race, Language and Religion

Singapore is built on the values of racial harmony and equality.

It’s indeed a heartwarming experience to watch strangers work together for the benefit of our Singaporean society.

All of us should learn to be as proactive and considerate as these ‘heroes’ and to keep up the high standards set by these model citizens.

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