Creative Technology’s Super X-Fi Promises To Turn Any Headphone Into A Surround Sound Setup, At A $150 Price Point

You might soon regret not buying up Creative stock in the wake of their latest gadget, the Super X-Fi.

Bearing all the traits of a killer gadget, the Super X-Fi comes in the shape of a USB dongle and can create a 360-degree soundstage on your headphones.

In other words: Full. Surround. Sound.


The wave of hype for headphone holography has been building for some time.

And Creative’s Super X-Fi managed to grab the Best of Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 Award on audio-visual forum AVS Forum.

But that’s just the least of its achievements.

It has helped Creative shoot up to the top of the Singapore Exchange’s gainers list on Monday morning (5 Mar), boosting the value of its stock to the highest it’s been in a decade.


In fact, there have already been cautions sounded about the risks of pouring all your money into Creative stock.

That’s one way of knowing that the hype is real.

The Super X-Fi

The Super X-Fi is powered by a Creative proprietary chip that fits in a slim dongle.


This tiny chip can, according to Creative, turn any decent earphone into one that delivers 7.1 surround sound right into your ears.

As everyone’s ears are different, Creative made like a fly and buzzed around testers’ ears to train an AI programme to create custom sound maps that is unique to their user.

You might feel initially foolish uploading pictures of your ear to Creative’s app, but it’ll be worth it.


Early reviews of prototypes have called it everything from “frigging mind-blowing” to “nothing short of amazing“.

Reviewers have reported sensing no difference between an actual 7.1 surround sound setup and earphones hooked up to the Super X-Fi.

As Creative’s Founder Sim Wong Hoo put it, “It’s like a short-sighted person putting on glasses, everything becomes much clearer”.

The hype is real

Audiophiles reading this don’t have to be told to get hyped. Chances are, they’ll have already heard of the Super X-Fi.

Oh, and there’ll be a free app that will let you play music you have stored on your phone as well.

Creative has also outlined plans to roll out similar technology in wireless headsets, sound cards and set-top boxes for TVs.

As can be seen – as well as heard – Creative’s truly aiming to bring high-fidelity surround sound to the masses.

Creative is looking at a planned launch in Q3 2018, so while the tiny dongle won’t be enough to fill a stocking, I already know what I want for Christmas.

Featured image from Super X-Fi.