Dr Chee Soon Juan croons his supporters with Hokkien song

Singapore Democratic Party’s (SDP) chief Chee Soon Juan just upped the ante for the upcoming Bukit Batok by-elections. In a viral Facebook video, the politician promises to serve the residents of Bukit Batok with his crooning voice. Dr Chee Soon Juan is seen singing popular Hokkien pop song, 一百万 Ji Pa Ban (One million).  Set against the backdrop of everyday life in Bukit Batok, Dr Chee Soon Juan sings If I have one million, one million. 

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The video has already racked up 59,974 views in about 14 hours since it was uploaded. The video is the idea of Wormwood Studio‘s Producer/Director Tay Bee Pin, who said in his post that he wanted to make a Facebook video of Dr Chee Soon Juan when the director found out that the politician would be standing for the upcoming by-election in Bukit Batok. A video crew followed Dr Chee on his walkabouts and captured the life, worries and woes of the Bukit Batok residents and the final result is Dr Chee Soon Juan showing off his guitar strumming skills, while singing what is probably his favourite song.

Who knows if the upcoming rallies might even be getai style.


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Featured image via Facebook