Singapore Democratic Party puts pressure on Government to provide answers

Singapore General Hospital (SGH)’s Hepatitis C-related deaths were first made public last week, and the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) were quick to demand explanations, largely on the delay in announcing the outbreak.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) were made known of the hepatitis C cluster in August 2015, but the news only broke to the public on 6 Oct.

SDP first posed two questions days after the announcement of hep C cases:

  1. Why was the public not informed when the outbreak was recognised and investigations commenced in May-June 2015 despite the potential risks to other patients?

  2. Was the withholding of the information a political consideration?

After 5 days of being ignored, SDP have responded the way most people react to being ignored — ask the same questions again, just a little louder.

SDP strikes again

And strike they did, with a lengthy post on the SDP website, which was also shared via their Facebook page.

Here’s the gist of the whole thing:


Oh look! How nice of SDP to quote PM Lee…no wait. I have bad feeling about this.

Undoubtedly. Mr Lee, however, omitted that there must also be trust in the political system to ensure the safety of the people. He failed to mention that the Infectious Disease Act (IDA) mandates that infectious diseases be promptly reported to Ministry of Health (MOH).

Also, according to the Public Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act (PHMCA), the director of medical services at MOH is to be immediately informed of outbreaks of hospital acquired infection. Section 4.44 of the Act states that the “The Director shall be informed immediately of (a) Any patient or staff with a notifiable disease, (b) Outbreaks of hospital-acquired infections.”

Both these Acts mean that the Government would have been automatically alerted when the first cases of the infection occurred between May and June 2015.

Yep. Here it comes.


Also, please don’t say that SDP didn’t consider any mitigating factors that forced Health Minister Gan Kim Yong’s hand.


Because at the end of the day, the SDP has just two simple questions for PM Lee, MOH, and by extension, SGH.


Chee Soon Juan be all like


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With reference to SDP, The Straits Times
Featured image via Singapore Democratic Party