The Huffington Post really loves Chee Soon Juan

Believe it or not, Chee Soon Juan has written yet another opinion piece to the Huffington Post.


Of course, Chee doesn’t miss the chance to pinpoint the shortcomings of the ruling PAP government. We condense the juiciest bits here in this post:

1. On labour productivity

Productivity has been a key thrust in Singapore’s future development, continually encouraged by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. However, according to economists, our productivity growth over the past five years have been minimal at best, despite various initiatives such as the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme.


CSJ says: Our lacklustre productivity growth has affected real wages, hence their stagnation. But because we are continually being pushed to achieve more, Singapore’s workforce is one unhappy bunch.

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2. On foreign workers

Singapore has been relatively welcoming of foreign talent and workers. Like it or not, they keep Singapore buzzing. Construction workers, bus drivers, cleaners; those are jobs that typical Singaporeans shun. But hey, those jobs still need to be filled right?


CSJ says: Or rather, Chee has accused the PAP government of resorting to the easy solution of importing foreign workers/talents in order to boost flagging productivity and economic growth to remain an attractive place to invest in. PM Lee did admit that:

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3. On how ‘squeezy’ Singapore is

No need for further explanation here. Peak periods on public transport no longer apply, when every single train that comes along is crowded.

lhl meme

CSJ says: Foreigners make up 40% of our total population. And because Singapore is now so densely populated, social conflicts have arisen. Yup, such as the infamous Little India riot. Hence, when the population White Paper was released and mentioned something about 6.9 million people living in Singapore, there was a huge public uproar.

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4. On PAP

PAP is a funny sort of political party. On one hand, it manages to command the unwavering respect and loyalty of the old vanguards of Singapore (like the ah-mas and ah-gongs), but yet it also manages to stir up so much discontent and unhappiness amongst other Singaporeans. Yeah, that Roy Ngerng and Han Hui Hui.


CSJ says: PAPs governing style has resulted in youths feeling “disengaged”. According to Chee, 37% of Singaporean youths aged between 15 and 29 stated that they did not feel patriotic to Singapore and more than 50% said they would emigrate if the chance came about.

Chee’s conclusion? If PAP continues ruling so stringently, Singapore’s progress will be “retarded”.


LKY cringes.

5. On the future

As gone over in the 2015 Budget, PAP politicians see the future of Singapore assured via continual investment in people. Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam said it best:

“We must develop a culture of mentoring… and employers must recognise… people are their biggest opportunity.”

#GoodJobTharman #GoodGuyTharman


CSJ says: Singapore needs a fresh vision. We need infusions of creativity and innovation in our society, we need greater freedom and democracy, we need greater public participation in the process of crafting our policies. Singaporeans must be able to hold our government accountable.

“The employment of detention without trial, defamation suits and criminal prosecution of political activists must cease.”

MustShareNews says: Referring to yourself, Mr. Chee?


6. On PAP. Again.

Must take every chance to criticise opposition political parties. Elections are (probably) near.

CSJ says: PAP does not see the pressing need to introduce political reformation. That is very sad for Singapore, because going down such a route will certainly lead to a decline. However, a truly democratic way of governing will outperform the PAP, and add to Singapore’s achievements for the next 50 years.

MustShareNews says: The leader of the Singapore Democratic Party reckons we need a “new and democratic direction”. Hinting something, Dr. Chee?


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