You Can Now ‘Molest’ An Adorable Purebred Cat At *SCAPE

If you like cats, you probably have been checking out the Facebook page of Cuddles Cat Café. Wait no more—this cat café is now open as of today, 18th September 2014.


Located at level 3 of *SCAPE, which is beside Orchard Cineleisure, this cat café houses purebred cats. This includes Ragdolls and Ragamuffins, and one adorable Scottish Fold.

Cuddles Cat Café Clashes With The AVA

The café was supposed to open in July, but its owners faced some difficulty getting approval from the AVA. The AVA only allows 20 cats to reside in the premises, and has imposed this blanket ban on all cat cafés.

Their rationale? If the business failed, it would be more difficult to rehome the cats.

The owners have stated that this “illogical limit is unrealistic,” as their floor space of 2,500 square feet is more than enough for 20 cats. They feel that they should be allowed to house 60 cats based on the amount of space they have.

As fewer cats will be allowed on the premises, not everyone will get to “molest” them—at full capacity, four people will be allowed to interact with one cat, which may cause it to become stressed. They went on to state that they may lose customers because people do not like hanging out with potentially aloof cats.


Amidst this restriction, there has been a rush of support for the café on Facebook:


Regardless, the owners have wisely opened their doors, with 12 cats ready to snuggle. Cat cafés are popular venues to chill after a hard day’s work and have a calming effect on all our frazzled nerves. Don’t expect to eat much while you’re there—although you can have pasta and fish and chips, the menu hasn’t been finalized yet.

Besides, the main point of going to a cat café is to hang out with furry felines. Here are details:

Opening Hours: 11am-11pm daily
Cuddle Fee: $12 for first hour, $3 per subsequent 15 mins

With reference to Cuddles Cat Café on Facebook.