Who could forget our National Day baby?

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Baby Zed was born on 9 August this year, shortly after the National Day Parade ended. His arrival brought bundles of joy to the first-time parents/celebrity couple Christopher Lee and Fann Wong. While Zed’s birth was definitely worth the wait, his elated parents could wait no longer as they took to social media to share the good news.

On Facebook and Instagram, they said:

Dear Zed, Daddy and Mummy cannot express in words the joy we felt when we first saw you. Welcome to our family.

Because of you, our lives have become fuller. August 9 is the most beautiful day of our lives. (Be) Healthy and happy. Wishing everyone a Happy National Day. Lurve u muacks.

Fast forward a few months later, little Zed was nominated for The New Paper’s (TNP) annual Flame Awards under the category of ‘Cutest Celebrity Baby’, competing with 2 other celebrity babies. Eventually, four-month-old baby Zed bagged the awards with 2,262 votes – what could be a better present for his first Christmas?

Zed’s mummy, Fann Wong, lost the title of TNP’s ‘Babe Of The Year’ to Rebecca Lim with 1,712 votes while the latter secured 2,050 votes. However, she seemed unperturbed and all too excited about her baby’s win, saying in an email:

From the start till now, Zedzed has always been bringing both my hubby and myself a lot of joy and laughter. I never knew my Zedzed’s butt would smell so nice. Hahaha.

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Indeed, with his jet black hair and mesmerising smile, baby Zed is befitting of his title ‘Cutest baby of the year’.

Featured image via Facebook
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