Row, row, row your boat

Meet Singapore’s hippiest couple – Darren Lim and Evelyn Tan.

For one, they live on a boat.


As if life on the boat was not unconventional enough, actor Darren Lim, former actress-host Evelyn Tan and their four kids will be sailing the high seas in a year-long sea voyage to Okinawa, Japan next year. They’ll be travelling on their three-room Lagoon 400S2 catamaran, which is currently docked at ONE°15 Marina Club at the Sentosa Cove marina.

The Lims are among a small number of Singaporeans who have an address on water.

Like any other couple, the pair got married in 2004 and lived in an apartment. They eventually moved to a 5,000 sq ft terrace house. But in 2013, they made news when they announced their decision to live on a boat they bought for $300,000 – a 200-300 sq ft boat named Gracefully and is about half the size of a condo’s shoebox unit. The same year, the couple had their fourth child, Elliott — who might possibly have been conceived on Gracefully 😉

They also upgraded their two-room Beneteau Oceanis 37 yacht to their current three-room Lagoon 400S2 catamaran.

What’s inside the boat?

We know you’re curious to see the inside of the yacht, so here’s a sneak preview of their boat home. You’re welcome.

From the outside:


Their daughter, Kristen’s room:


Their sons’ Jairus’ and Way’s room:


Master bedroom:


Living room:


Laundry area:




Why choose the boat life?

To pursue his dream of living on the waters, Lim took 10 years to convince his sceptical wife.

A self-declared “kampung boy” at heart, the actor said he had always been passionate about the water and sports like diving. He also equates life on the boat to a kampung lifestyle, as the community is closely knitted.

What about the children?

In an interview with AsiaOne, Tan said,

Being a mother, I saw that the children would enjoy this kind of life, they could engage in so many water activities, and it really brings out the joy of being together.

Her four children, Kristen, 10, Jairus, eight, Way, five and Elliott, two, are all home-schooled by Tan. *adds hippie points*

On home-schooling, the full-time housewife had this to say:

It’s a lot of work as a homeschooling mum. You have to observe first and tailor it to the way the child would receive the information. I try to creatively work out household management so that I can free most of my time to pay attention to them. I think that’s important because when a mother needs to handle the children and handle their academics. I work around the hours. And work creatively so that maybe before the kids are awake, lunch is already prepared and ready to be served. I am also constantly on the outlook for things that might be suitable for them.

Is the boat life as glamorous as it seems?

Think you’re suited for the boat life? This lifestyle may seem glamorous, but we break down the pros and cons for you so you can decide if this lifestyle truly works for you:


  1. Everything is within reach – given the space constraints, you can grab everything around you effortlessly.
  2. Less time spent on household chores = more family time
  3. Freedom
  4. Wake up to a different view everyday


  1. Limited resources – internet access is through a USB dongle
  2. Price of boat depreciates the moment you buy it, unlike a house
  3. Lack of space
  4. High maintenance – berthing fees cost between $600 and $20,000 per month depending on the boat’s size. Utilities can go up to $2,000 a month, and Marina services range from $500 to $4,000 a month.

To sail or not to sail?

What do you think? Would you choose the boat life?

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Featured image via Singpost Quest For Amusement
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