Car Dealership Owner Hits The Road After Collecting Deposits


After mobile phones and nail spas, another cheat strikes again, and this time it involves vehicles.

A crowd of more than 20 people were stuck outside a car dealership at MacPherson Road yesterday (15 December), after being unable to contact the owner for several days. The angry mob believe the owner conned their money, after failing to receive their cars well after the stipulated delivery dates.

The group bought cars from Volks Auto Pte Ltd, paying downpayments ranging from $20,000 to $40,000, after noticing the shop’s advertisements claiming that their vehicles were up to $10,000 cheaper than other parallel importers. When the vehicles failed to deliver, they were said to be under inspection at Land Transport Authority or stuck at immigration.

A police report has been made, and disgruntled customers have banded together to discuss their next step via a Whatsapp chat group.

Suspicions begun 3 months ago

A thread regarding the company first appeared on the Hardware Zone Forums in September this year, with netizens expressing their disbelief and suspicion at Volks Auto’s lower-than-market prices.


While another netizen went to the shop and found a maze of contradictions.


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

While this isn’t exactly another Jover Chew case – he was a cheat and used bullying tactics, it’s not quite the case here – but it once again proves that Singaporeans are always on the hunt for a good deal, and are willing to risk being taking for a ride for significant savings. Take due diligence and always do your own research when chancing upon a really good deal. Take caution everyone!

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