Denise Keller To Take Legal Action Against Do To Prevent Her Using Her Image

Yoga is simultaneously a physical, mental and spiritual discipline. It reduces stress and calms the nervous system.

So we imagine that the distress felt by two yoga instructors currently embroiled in an online feud is pretty sizeable.

In the red corner, we have Denise Keller — a former MTV VJ.

She’s currently accusing an American yoga instructor of using her image to promote her yoga business.

In the blue corner is Marysia Do — a former yoga instructor at Pure Yoga in Singapore.

The yogini kicked things off with a Facebook and Instagram post on 20 Feb which described Keller as going from “seeing me as her best friend to her competition.”

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Much Ado About Yoga

Do has since edited her Facebook post. However, the edit history on the post reveals her initial message.

Here’s a list of allegations she made against Keller, who apparently used to be her best friend:

  • Claimed ownership of photos of Do that she is not in.
  • Claimed ownership of videos that were shot in Do’s Denver residence, using Do’s equipment.
  • This was allegedly done on a trip where her flight from Singapore was paid for by Do’s husband. The videos also cost $5000 to produce.
  • The aforementioned flight was allegedly upgraded to business class, as Keller was “used to the comfort”.
  • Hired a lawyer for $2000 to help her remove Do’s content.
  • Keller “Knowingly and willingly” appeared in Do’s videos and has no legal basis for filing takedown notices.
  • Keller was conducting yoga classes of her own and allegedly felt that “it no longer serves me to be seen as a demonstration model for another instructor”.

Do ended her post in dramatic fashion by stating:

Perhaps because she sees herself as a celebrity she thought she could bully me. But she can’t. In the end, sincerity wins.

Not soon after, Keller took to Facebook to address Do’s claims about her. We summarise her points after the jump.

Keller shot back at Do, making several counter-allegations:

  • She did not steal any content.
  • She used her own camera and equipment to shoot and edit the videos in Singapore. This happened years ago.
  • The videos were shot for fun and not endorsement, at a time when Do was still working in Singapore.
  • She claims to possess the camera original files with the time-stamp and time codes.
  • Keller politely asked her to take the content down but was outright refused, as the pictures and videos were used to endorse Do’s business in the States.
  • Keller asked Instagram and YouTube to remove the posts featuring her.
  • Per their IP policies, YouTube also took down Do’s account, though Keller only requested for the removal of specific videos.
  • She was never paid for the use of her image.

Keller also alleges that Do had “perpetuated these falsehoods maliciously” in order to “slander my name and damage my reputation”.

Labelling Do’s allegations against her as “fake news”, she will now “look to the courts to vindicate my rights.”

Marysia’s deleted post

On the same day as Keller’s post, Do made two other posts, but deleted the first owing to pressure from “her [Keller’s] team of lawyers (five, so far) … [accusing] me of defamation and [threatening] to sue” unless she complied and deleted the post.

However, Do remains adamant that everything in the deleted post was true. Citing “great stress and pain”, she states that the is “not prepared to add another layer to this battle.”

Do then thanked her supporters in the yoga community for their “tremendous” support.

Writing about the “astonishing amount of ugliness that lies behind the facade of yoga”, she tells everyone to “chose your business associates, friends and teachers wisely”.

What used to be

The current situation is a far cry from the apparent tight friendship the pair used to share.

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If anything, this story brings into focus the confusing lines that surround content ownership, especially when it comes to friends.

Although right now, the story currently is still a she-said-she-said situation, as both parties are claiming ownership to the involved media.

The story is still developing and updates will be provided accordingly as they happen.

Featured image from denisekellerofficial and marysia_do on Instagram.