10 Everyday Void Deck Scenes We Will Soon Never See Again

Follow us on Whatsapp for the latest updates Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates Creating a void in our HDB void decks Recently, a Facebook post showing railings being erected at a Queenstown’s HDB void deck went viral. Source While the original Facebook post has since been removed, related Facebook posts have since sprouted, with many netizens commenting furiously at the alteration of the common void deck. Tanjong Pagar Town Council has since confirmed that the railings were set up to prevent ball games, following complaints from residents. What is becoming more obvious is that we are less and less able to do the things that were once possible at the community void deck of HDB housing estates. The HDB flat is the essence of a Singaporean identity, but here are some of the things that we may no longer be able to see at our void decks in the future. 1.  Primary school boys playing football at the void deck after school Source This used to be the cheapest hangout place for adrenaline-pumped young boys who just wanted the good clean fun of kicking a ball around, without worrying about too much sun or rain. Same goes for … Continue reading 10 Everyday Void Deck Scenes We Will Soon Never See Again