Sexual orientation games have been ongoing especially in universities

Entering a different environment means a whole new experience for many of us, and what better way to bond with your future classmates than through an orientation camp. Right?

After all, orientation camps are essential for freshmen to assimilate into the culture of their new schools. With that being said, some orientation practices can be quite disturbing because it is unnecessarily sexual.

Take this viral video for example.

Forfeit push-ups with a disturbing twist

According to one netizen, this disturbing orientation activity might have taken place at Singapore Poly.


In this video, a male student can be seen doing push ups while a girl is lying beneath him.

Their friends were encouraging him (for some unknown reason) by pushing his crotch area closer to the girl’s face.

We are not quite sure who is the one being punished in this game but it sure seems like the girl’s dignity is being abused.

Other horrifying orientation camp stories

We scoured the Internet for similar stories and we found some practices that were indeed distressing.

The Straits Times published an article about the happenings in a university orientation camp in 2008 as one of the freshmen, Rachel Lee got a rude shock.

Lee said, “girls had to lie down and the guys had to do push-ups over them” as she described one of the activities.

She refused to joined the activities and subsequently left the camp.

Female students were made to exchange sweets with male students using their mouths

A writer on a blog, iWicked Memoirs penned her niece’s and nephew’s experiences during a university orientation camp.

In her blogpost she posted:

In one game, female students were made to exchange sweets with male students using their mouths as they sat in a circle.

Another required a female student to lie on the floor as a male student did push-ups on top of her, obviously mimicking copulation.

There were also games where girls were asked to pick boys they wished to pair up with for a segment of the camp. Less ‘attractive looking girls’ were subjected to the taunts of boys who groaned and lamented to their friends when they were picked by these ‘ugly girls’.

These activities are usually organised by the students themselves and are not advocated by the school.

According to The Straits Times, a spokesman for NTU said they will take action against students who cross the line.

At NUS, a spokesman said that if the university receives complaints, investigations will be carried out and counselling will be arranged for the students.

Orientation camps — yay or nay?

Now that you know that there might be the possibility of all these happening in orientation camps, attend only if you are comfortable with it.

Rest assured you can still attend even you are uncomfortable with these activities — just remember to voice out if you do not want to participate!


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With reference to Asia One, iWicked Memoirs