Dog owner puts up pet for sale on Carousell

Netizens have gotten upset over a photo of a dog-for-sale circulated on social media. The photo, which seems to have originated from online marketplace Carousell, shows a dog being sold for $1,000 by user idominate.

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Described as “used”, the dog named Muffi is being supposedly being sold because its owner wants to get a new pet. The photo made its way to a dog-lover Facebook page yesterday (24 Apr) where it became viral. The dog owner pulled down his Carousell post soon after.

Netizens were fuming at the thought of making money out of selling a pet that the pet owner no longer wants. The owner was intent on haggling price of the dog.

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Some questioned why the owner did not simply give away the pet to more loving arms if he had no longer wanted to care for the dog.

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Carousell for one does not allow sale of living animals or insects.


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