8-Year-Old Dog Dies After Eating Bread Meant For Pigeon-Culling Exercise By Clean Solutions

An 8-year-old Sheltie-Cavalier dog named Ludo has died on 16 Nov after ingesting bread that was meant for a pigeon-culling exercise by Marine Parade Town Council (MPTC).

This is the second dog death related to pigeon-culling exercises conducted by town councils. Except the service provider, Clean Solutions, was already issued a serious warning by West Coast Town Council (WCTC) for the same offense back in 2013.

Toxin-laced bread meant for pigeons was eaten by dog

Ludo’s owner, Ms Natasha Wilkins brought her dog out for a walk along Lorong Lew Lian. At around 6.30am, her dog ate bread that was found on the ground.

Ms Wilkins tried to stop Ludo from doing so but was unsuccessful.

15 mins later, Ludo started shaking, vomiting, and foaming at the mouth, possibly from the effects of what he ate.

Upon a vet’s examination, the dog’s mouth was found to be filled with a “white, viscous liquid” believed to be some sort of toxin.

The exact cause of death is still undergoing investigations.

On-going pigeon culling exercise by MPTC

At around the same time, a pigeon-culling exercise was being conducted by MPTC. This is usually done by leaving pieces of bread laced with an anaesthetic compound called “alpha-chloralose” for the pigeons to feed on.

The birds will then be tranquilised before being taken away to be culled.

Although MPTC states that there was an official announcement made regarding the culling exercise, Ms Wilkins failed to see the notice put up at Block 8 along Lorong Lew Lian.

Clean Solutions is currently the contracted solutions provider by MPTC. And in Ludo’s case, most likely the reason behind the spiked bread being left out in the vicinity.

Second dog death related to pigeon-culling

This is actually the second incident of dog death related to pigeon-culling with the first involving another dog in 2013.

Clean Solutions was also the responsible for scattering the tranquiliser laced bread and they received a stern warning by WCTC.

The victim of that earlier incident was a 10-year-old Jack Russell terrier named Tiger. Similar to Ludo, Tiger ate spiked bread that was used as bait for pigeons scattered around the void deck of Block 412 Commonwealth Avenue West.

Tiger sadly died en-route to the vet.

Following the incident, Clean Solutions declared that it would assign two men instead of one for future assignments.

Clearly, that “solution” didn’t work.

Online outcry for Ludo

Naturally, there was a large outcry among members of the online community in support of Ludo.


Netizens brought up the point that such operations should be supervised closely to protect unsuspecting victims. Some even suggested ways of preventing a repeat of the incident:


Clearly people are suggesting that these “baits” shouldn’t be placed so carelessly. Netizens also suggested that perhaps a better solution would have been to place the bread at a higher place.

However, Ms Wilkins suggested that birds sometimes fly away with pieces of food in their mouths. This means there is actually no guarantee that the spiked bread wouldn’t make its way out of the intended area.

No clean and easy solution

Evidently, Clean Solutions has yet to provide a proper solution for this as this is the second death related to pigeon-culling by the same service provider.

As to whether this could have been prevented, or how big the bread pieces dropped were to have caused the death of a fully grown dog, we guess we will have to wait for Clean Solutions to provide a reasonable explanation.

Hopefully, it will be more effective than “adding a second man to future jobs”.

We would like to extend our condolences to Ms Wilkins for her tragic loss of Ludo.

Featured image from Facebook.