12 Adorable Dogs Celebrate Chinese New Year

With it being the Year of the Dog this Chinese New Year (CNY), it was exciting to see all the doggies have the spotlight on them.

Dogs are already so precious, but our hearts go into overdrive seeing them all snazzy in their CNY outfits and various poses.

Of course it’s always important to know what the dogs are up to, so we’ve put together a lab report on these 12 pups that charmed us this CNY.

 1. This photogenic dog pawsed for the camera


Perhaps Happy the dog should have been named Cheeky — considering his lil’ tongue is sticking out.

He’s got the quintessential CNY Instagram pose right too, along with two oranges, a red outfit, and decorations.

Happy definitely deserves a round of appaws for his great efforts.

2. Fetching golden retriever shows off his CNY loot


This lucky doggie’s name is Kiyo — and he received an angbao that he’s not hesitating to show off.

An absolutely adorable pupper, he appears to be constantly winking as he is blind in one eye.

There’s honestly nothing sweeter than this, except maybe the CNY goodies we’ve been munching on the last few days.

3. Italian greyhound looks like he’s having a ruff day


We couldn’t help but laugh when we laid eyes on this picture of Iggy the greyhound.

He definitely doesn’t look happy to be in his traditional wear, but we totally get it.

When we were younger, our parents would try to dress us in uncomfortable and itchy outfits too, and we’d end up with the same look on our face.

Despite what Iggy may think, we think he looks fabulous.

4. Running corgi looking corgeous

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Trotting steadily into the new lunar year 👍🏻

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Fine, maybe corgeous is a bad pun. But that doesn’t mean we won’t have our fun with it anyways.

This adorable corgi named Nugget looks like he’s preparing for the paw-lympics, while running in his costume.

If we were judges, we’d give him 10/10. Maybe even 11/10 for extra ear-flopping preciousness.

5. This affectionate fur-ever couple in matching costumes


If this is what puppy love refers to, we’re here for it. We literally didn’t think these dogs could get any cuter but it looks like we were wrong.

Kudos to their human for thinking to put them in matching costumes. Even though we can’t see their faces, our hearts are melting.

We hope this lovable couple stays together always.

6. A pair of fur-tunate pugs


These pugs are hilariously dressed as the God of Fortune, and for a good cause too.

While the rest of us were stuffing our faces over CNY, a group of dogs and their humans set out on the Lunar Dog Run 2018.

The point of the run was to encourage a healthy lifestyle. This pair is making us feel guilty about the way we spent our CNY for sure.

7. This doggo that spent his CNY saying bon-a-pet-treat


We can fully relate to Pedro the German shepherd waiting to attack a pineapple tart with his mouth.

That was pretty much what we did over the entire holiday, no lies.

Looks like Pedro pays great attention to detail, because we’re digging the subtle pineapples on his bow tie.

8. Charming poodle celebrates his pawlidays outside


Dobby the poodle – loving the Harry Potter reference – took time out of his busy schedule to visit the God of Fortune at the River Hongbao.

Wow, that’s a busy pooch considering that most of us didn’t even have time to head there.

We’re envious of all the fun it looks like Dobby’s having in his dapper striped shirt and neck scarf.

9. These pups dressed to the canines


This precious duo went all out with their costumes this year and we’re #shook by how good they look.

Just check out the lil’ details– this pair really knows how to bling it up.

We’re not surprised at all that they won 1st Prize for their outfits, because these doggos are pawsitively handsome.

10. This doggy received an of-fur he couldn’t refuse


Duke the Labradoodle got decked out in lion dancing gear to receive mandarin oranges from his human buddy.

We gotta admit, Duke plays the part well. Perhaps we should change Singapore’s unofficial mascot from Merlion to Merdog?

Because it really works.

11. This sassy dog took the oppawtunity to stash away some oranges


We can’t help but laugh at Hana the Shiba Inu’s smile — it looks like she has a secret that she’s not sharing.

She probably looks pleased with herself because she’s taken to hoarding the basket of mandarin oranges behind her.

But you know what? She’s so cute, she can keep them all.

12. This pup got dressed for a puparazzi-worthy photoshoot


We really appreciate this doggy’s outfit. Kobi went for a dapper look over a more traditional one, with a slight pop of red as a nod to festive CNY colours.

Where can we get his stylists’ number? We need an outfit like that too.

[BONUS] Service dogs from the Singapore Police Force K-9 unit did ruff work

While most other doggos were busy celebrating CNY, our K-9 unit was working hard.

These fur-rocious dogs patrolled public areas to keep public order and prevent scuffles.

Check them out in this video training hard to protect us:

Aww, they better get some treats for their hard work over CNY.  There’s a lot of comfort in knowing that these warm and fuzzy creatures are the ones protecting Singapore.

 We love our furry friends

Shout out to their humans for going all out this year and dressing their pups up according to theme.

Looks like it’s impawsible to pick a favourite, so all these doggos deserve a treat.

In our hearts, every single one of these dogs should get a Best Dressed award because they pulled out all the stops.

Don’t forget to give your dogs extra belly rubs and treats this year, considering it’s their lucky year.

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone and their doggos from MustShareNews.

Featured image from NuggieTheCorgi and Hana_theshibainu.