Japanese Megastore Comes To Singapore In November

It seems that anything from Japan will be popular in Singapore, as we have gone bonkers over food like cheese tarts and ramen, stores like Uniqlo, Daiso and Tokyu Hands, games like Pokemon Go and Japanese movies like Death Note, Your Name and Doraemon.

Well, that’s why yet another Japanese household name store is coming to Singapore aiming to rake in the cash from Singaporeans — Don Quijote (pronounced “Don-Kee-Ho-Tay”)


The hugely popular store for anything cheap under the sun will finally be coming to Orchard Road this November.

While it seems to have everything to cater to your every need, we’re not sure how many of the items that are found in their Japan outlets will be able to make an appearance in Singapore.


Here are some items that we really hope to see in their store in Singapore.

1. Extra-Long Bags Of Potato Chips

Don Quijote is famous for its food hall where all sorts of cool snacks can be found, so we really hope we see things like this in Singapore soon:

We’ve all been there. Buying a packet of chips for a long movie like Wonder Woman or Pirates of The Caribbean, only to finish it up 30 minutes into the show.

With this extra-long bag of potato chips, which contains 7 bags of 3 different flavours, you can have a crunchy companion by your side throughout the movie.

2. Rare Snack Flavours

Every experienced traveller in Japan knows that the country boasts different variations and limited-edition flavours of our favourite snacks that can’t be found anywhere else.

Many a Singaporean traveller has returned home with his luggage filled to the brim with things like the Kyoto regional variety of Kit-Kat, the Hokkaido limited-edition Jagabee and seasonal sakura-flavoured potato chips.

So we really want to see some of these rare snack flavours in the Orchard store, like the recently arrived “intense green tea” Kit-Kat,


…the pretty purple yam Kit-Kat,


…and the questionable but oh-so-intriguing wasabi Kit-Kat.


It’s not only Kit-Kat that comes in many flavours, though. If you prefer salty snacks, perhaps the limited-edition party chicken flavoured Pringles potato chips will strike your fancy:



Or Ume and Shiso flavour Jagabee?


3. Regional Instant Noodles

Among the multitude of food that originated from Japan, cup noodles are argubly the most iconic, and enjoyed by people worldwide.

Don Quijote has a plethora of flavours of instant cup ramen on offer in their Japan stores, and like their snacks, they are from different regions of Japan like Yokohama, Nagoya, Sapporo, Toyama and Nagasaki.

Singaporeans, who are famous for bringing trusty cup noodles on overseas trips, will be spoilt for choice if the chain store brings these “delicacies” here.


However, if you want just normal cup noodles, perhaps the green tea flavoured cup noodles would interest you?


4. Costumes For Men Who Want To Look Like Women

While you can get pretty good stuff from Uniqlo, sometimes you may not be able to find something that suits your uncommon fashion preferences. 

Either that, or if you have friends that keep hosting Halloween parties that you can never seem to find costumes for, Don Quijote may be your saviour.

This is especially true for the guys — what if you just want to showcase your feminine side?

Their Japan outlets boast a wide range of costumes so “everyone can become lovely”, and we really really want to see them in Singapore, at least for entertainment value, for example:

Guys, when you think of getting married, do you envision yourself not in a black suit, but all in white?

When you eat at a Chinese restaurant, do you wish you could be the waitress refilling the tea cups?

When you visit a hospital, do you wish you could be one taking blood pressure and helping the patients to pee?

When Natalie Portman won an Oscar for her role in Black Swan, were you inspired to emulate her?

Or instead of ballet, you would prefer to be an extra in the musical Cats?

Or do you simply wish you could go back to your school days — but as a different gender?

5. Costumes For Men Who Want To Look More Like Men

Guys, we understand if dressing up as a woman isn’t for you.

How about looking more “man” then? Specifically, a more muscular version of yourself? Don Quijote in Japan can help with that, too.

Looks lit right?

6. Costumes For Men Who Want To Look Like A Dick

Remember this shirt that was trending a few years ago?


Well, Don Quijote Japan has an update on that, and we would love for the store to make this available to the Singapore public.

Oh wait, it’s unisex, so girls, you can look like a dick too!

7. Socks With Cartoon Characters

Enough with the clothes for men — women and children, what if you just want something cutesy but not too obvious?

Wear it on your feet, then — Don Quijote Japan even boasts a wide array of cute socks, so you can go matchy with your squad.


8. “Stripper” Costumes

We’re not done with costumes yet — now we proceed to the “NSFW” section of this article.

Yes, Don Quijote Japan also has costumes that will be more suitable for a strip joint, and they don’t even put them in the adults-only section.

While it’s unlikely that we’ll see this in Singapore thanks to the people who like to complain about everything and make police reports over everything, we can still hope that it will happen — it will make planning for bridal showers and bachelor parties so much easier.

For example, won’t this just delight at the next girls’ night out?

And….well, we’re not sure what this is, but we’ll just leave it out there. Waaaaaaay out there.

9. Sex Toys

Some may be shocked to know that sex toys are openly sold in Singapore, even in supposedly family friendly stores like Watsons. The store even advertises its sex toys on Facebook.

Well, Don Quijote Japan has a healthy range of sex toys too, and unlike Watsons, which mostly caters to women, Don Quijote also caters to guys.

There are a lot of lonely men in Singapore too, so we hope to see these in Don Quijote here — after all, they are cheaper and safer than going to Geylang.

But don’t ask us how to use them — that’s what Google is for.

10. Anti-Stress Sausage

We’re not sure whether this should be categorised under the previous category or not, but we will just take it for what it is — something to squeeze for stress relief.

Singaporeans work hard, and when they’re having a tough time at work, but an average stress ball doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, they might want to opt for a Big Stress Sausage instead, which we hope Don Quijote will bring to our island.

“Because everything gets so much better with a sausage.”


11. Trump Mask

And if you really want to scare people during Halloween:

Ummmmm… #covfefe?

Double-Storey Shop At Orchard

The franchise is set to open a 2-storey megamart in Singapore come November. It will be at the basement of Orchard Central, right next to Japanese havens Uniqlo and Tokyu Hands.

We predict throngs of eager shoppers, as it’s the most fun Japanese store to hit Singapore yet, and will give Orchard a much-needed retail boost.

Featured image adapted from tokyostory.net