Double Durian Cafe Is Located At 8 Hamilton Road

There’s something about durians that Singaporeans can’t get enough of.


We have it in our ice-cream, coffee, cakes, and even pizzas.

Local cafe Double Durian, located at 8 Hamilton Road, near Jalan Besar Stadium, has added to that list with their latest invention: chargrilled durian.

Say whaaaaaat?

Although some of us have barbecued durians before, we believe this is the first time that it has been done commercially.

At Double Durian, durians are roasted straight on a charcoal grill, giving the thorny husk a lovely dark green-almost-black hue. However, these durians here seem to have been a little over-grilled, leaving the fruit with a burnt, and even ashen exterior.


Roasting it this way keeps the fruit inside cheerfully yellow, except for specks of charred bits.


Chargrilling the fruit reportedly also gives it a sweeter and mellower flavour, while retaining its signature creaminess.

After a few minutes on the grill, the fruit’s outer layer caramelises, while the flesh becomes a lot stickier.

The cafe uses Mao Shan Wang ($16/kg), Black Gold ($19/kg), or Wang Zhong Wang ($19/kg) variety for the dish.

In addition to the price of the fruit, customers have to top up $5 to have it grilled.

The cafe recommends that customers order the dish two hours in advance by calling Double Durian at 9633-7533.

Baked for your pleasure

Chargrilled durian isn’t the only innovative dish that Double Durian makes with the king of fruit.

The traditional baked durian ($10) is baked without the shell, leaving a perfectly caramelised fruit best served with ice cream.


Double Durian also whips up the Ying Yang (阴阳) baked durian, which is warm and caramelised on the outside but refreshingly cold at the centre of the golden-yellow fruit.


If you’re a durian-hater and your friends are dragging you to brunch at Double Durian this long weekend, fret not.

It also serves up other cafe staples, among them fish and chips, steaks and ribs.

Now go forth and enjoy the long weekend with your newfound treat.


Featured image via Facebook.