Hiding Drugs In Panties

A Malaysian, 23, tried to smuggle 900g of heroin into Singapore and was caught at the Tuas Checkpoint.

Where did he hide it? His underwear – giving new meaning to having a “huge package”.


Tangle At Tuas

The motorcyclist was stopped for checks at the Tuas Checkpoint at about 6.10am on Dec 21 (Wed).

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority officers who were conducting routine inspections suspected the man was hiding drugs in his underwear and alerted the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB).

What was found: Two packets of heroin, weighing about 900g and worth more than $63,000.

Netizens React

Many posters on Reddit saw the funny side of the ballsy attempt:



Aside from the jokes, others expressed sympathy for the culprit.




While some got philosophical about it.


The Penalties

Those caught trafficking, importing or exporting more than 15g of heroin in Singapore will face the death penalty, according to the CNB.

Those who possess or consume heroin can face up to 10 years in prison, a maximum fine of $20,000; or both.

Drug Smuggling Is A No-No

Considering the severe penalties, we think it can’t be repeated enough: Kids, DON’T do drugs! Drugs ruin lives.

Featured image from CNB