M’sian Woman Hides Drugs In Durians & Tries Smuggling Them, Officers Sniff Out Her Plans

Malaysian Woman Caught Attempting To Smuggle Drugs Hidden In Durians To Hong Kong

Smugglers have thought of creative ways to transport illegal items and sometimes even wildlife. But we never thought we’d see the day someone hides drugs in durians.

On Friday (18 Oct), Malaysian English daily Malay Mail reports that a 34-year old woman attempted to export 20 Styrofoam boxes, with their content declared as frozen durians”, to Hong Kong.

As it turns out, 4 of the boxes contained illegal substances, suspected to be heroin. Fortunately, custom officials foiled the plan and detained the woman.


We love crossing the border and buying bags of durians though who knew they could be used as hidden compartments?

Heroin worth S$300,000 hidden in durians

Custom officials discovered the woman’s attempt to smuggle drugs, though how exactly, it wasn’t mentioned.

The Central Zone (Selangor) investigation unit II division then tracked the cargo company that was responsible for shipping the boxes of durian.

They discovered heroin which weighed 6.13kg that costs S$310,815 (RM953,529) at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport near KL.


Central Zone Customs assistant director-general Zulkarnain Mohamed Yusuf said in a press conference,

Four of the boxes were found with white-coloured compact packets wrapped in clear plastic and suspected to be heroin, in the frozen fruit.

The woman is now on a 5-day remand through Malaysia’s Section 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.

Kudus to Customs officials for foiling durian plan

Many of us have been die hard fans of the king of fruits since childhood.

We believe it’s unfortunate that something so delicious could be used for smuggling drugs and illegal goods. While the woman’s plot was creative, we’d highly appreciate it if our beloved durians weren’t used for nefarious schemes.

Kudos to the custom officials who managed to sniff out this plan. Here’s to hoping that this incident never happens again.

Featured image from Malay Mail and Facebook. 

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