Downtown Line 3 Open House Disrupted By Train Fault At Downtown Line 2

Looks like local train service providers just can’t seem to catch a break. With Downtown Line 3 (DTL3) due to open on Saturday (21 Oct), SBS Transit organised an open house for the general public on Sunday (15 Oct) to allow a glimpse of the 16 new stations.

However, the open house was marred by yet another train breakdown. At around 1pm, SBS Transit (SBST) announced on Twitter that services between Bukit Panjang and Beauty World Stations, part of Downtown Line 2 (DTL 2), were halted.


Breaking in the new DTL3 with a breakdown

I guess one could say that SBS Transit’s plans for a fun-filled day of activities were derailed.


Of course, some Singaporeans were left complaining when a train fault was not advertised as one of the fun highlights of the open house.


Train breakdowns have become such a regular occurrence that, we at MustShareNews have lost count on the number of times that we have reported on them. However, we do recall some of the reasons given for the breakdowns. These explanations have so far included flood pump faults, train faults, changing the old signal system, and the list goes on.

While these problems have been attributed to the old age of our SMRT trains, the DTL 2 is a relatively newer line and is run by SBST. As such, there should be no excuses for train breakdowns according to Workers’ Party’s Lee Li Lian.


The breakdown lasted for approximately 20 minutes.


And brought the open house to a grinding halt.

Although the breakdown occurred with train vendor SBST and not the much maligned SMRT, we guess Singaporeans are just sick and tired of train breakdowns.


Time is running out

With the official opening of Downtown Line 3 just five days away, time is ticking for SBST to ensure that there is no repeated occurrence on 21 Oct. Especially when traffic is expected to be high because train services will be free.

Here’s a little word of advice for SBST: fix the fault as soon as possible.

Be SMART, don’t be SMRT.

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