Pay Using Bitcoin Or Ducatus Coins At Singapore’s First Cryptocurrency Café For Kopi

Ducatus Café promises to be a mash-up between the hipster café life and the tech-savvy crypto life.

For those who’ve been caught up in the bitcoin frenzy as of late, this may be good news to you.

Only, Singapore’s first cryptocurrency café encourages you to pay for your coffee with Ducatus Coins – a cryptocurrency of their own creation.


Now, the act of getting a simple cup of coffee has gotten a whole lot more complicated.

0.012% of a bitcoin for Kopi C Zero

Touted as Singapore’s first fully cashless café, Ducatus Café obviously does not accept cash payments at all.

You may only pay via cashless methods, ranging from regular credit cards to Nets.

And of course, cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, using this special ATM.

Fancy ATM for cryptocurrency

Customers can make cash-to-bitcoin deposits, while waiting for their coffee and sandwich to be prepared.

Problem is, one bitcoin is currently worth about S$20,397.21, at the time of writing. A cup of Kopi C Zero is priced at S$2.40 at the café.


This means, to pay for that cup of coffee, you’ll only have to use 0.012% of your bitcoin.

If you have the habit of checking your receipts after paying for your meal, just imagine how complicated this makes the math now.

Fluctuating nature of cryptocurrencies

Since the value of bitcoins seem to fluctuate as frequently as Singapore’s weather, can you get two cups of coffee for the same bit of bitcoin on some days?

Probably not. Because all Bitcoin transactions are usually subject to a transaction fee.

For example, if you’re transferring US$42 worth of bitcoin to your friend, you’ll probably have to fork out an additional US$4 service charge per transaction.

Plus, users typically wait up to 10 minutes to verify a regular Bitcoin transaction, which is way too long for a cup of coffee.


But according to Ducatus café’s reviews, if customers choose to use Ducatus coins instead, transactions are almost instantaneous.

What’s on the menu at Ducatus Café?

So if you still fancy a visit to this groundbreaking café, perhaps you’ll be interested to know what’s on the menu.

Looks incredibly yumz


Ducatus Café offers fun variations on local beverages, like popcorn and hazelnut flavoured coffees, and sustainably sourced Just Java gourmet coffee beans.


For food, they offer wraps made of flatbread with a sprinkling of bak kwa, aptly named Chino Bacon & Eggz.

And a variety of creative fusion sandwiches, delightful yoghurt parfaits and salads in cups.


The folk at Ducatus also take merchandising to a whole new level, offering skincare products like branded shampoo, as well as the standard mugs and tumblers.

You can also walk away with extra bags of Ducatus-approved nuts and tea bags, if you so desire.

Where else can I use my Ducatus Coins?

Now that you’ve got spare change in Ducatus Coins leftover from your morning dose of java, can the extra coins be used anywhere else in the world?

Technically, yes. If you happen to visit their other café in Seminyak, Bali.

Or, according to their official website, you can also indulge in luxury shopping, book an intimate 10-day tour to Vietnam or do some charity work if you can speak German.

We’ve already got our sights set on this “handsome masculine” 24 carat Gold Ring featuring the Ducatus Lion mascot worth close to S$3,000.

“Embellished with two red things representing his eyes”

Early birds get the worm

Monetary Authority of Singapore has recently cautioned wannabe bitcoin investors on the dangers of speculating on cryptocurrencies.

But CEO of Ducatus Café, Ronny Tome still has big dreams for his Ducatus Coins.


By opening this café, he hopes to educate Singaporeans on using cryptocurrencies in their daily lives, instead of a means to turn a quick profit through speculation.

Mr Tome even intends to rollout plans to accept payment in other forms of cryptocurrencies in the near future.

As for the Ducatus Coin – which was launched in January this year to apparently no one’s knowledge – one coin is reportedly worth about 10 cents in Singapore.

If we’ve learnt anything from the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, early birds usually get the juiciest worms.

So if you’d like to give these coins a try, you better grab your nearest calculator and start crunching those numbers now.

Lion is the king of animals indeed.

Featured image from Ducatus Global and Ducatus Café.