Durian Ang Moh and Yu Lian are both manned by Ang Mohs selling durians

Twice a year, the whole of Singapore turns into a hotspot for the heady aroma of durian. We might think of durian as a Singaporean fruit, given our affinity for the pungent fruit. Accordingly, mental images of durian sellers are typically singlet-clad uncles with a penchant for loud Hokkien and cigarettes.

However, two ang mohs sellers are bucking the trend, not only falling in love with the fruit, but also choosing to sell it.

Durian Ang Moh


Opened by Englishman Luke Otter and Singaporean Ah Teck, Durian Ang Moh is the result of an ang moh getting repeatedly cheated by unscrupulous durian sellers. Apparently, Ah Teck was the first durian seller who gave Luke quality durians at a good price. Tapping on his 25-year experience in selling the fruit, Ah Teck brought Luke on a durian tour, which consisted of durian farm visits and durians for every meal. In between consuming basket-loads of durian, the idea of Durian Ang Moh was born.

The former motivational trainer at Adam Khoo also offers delivery for his durians. According to their Facebook page, delivery is free for orders above 3 boxes, and reservations are highly encouraged. Durian Ang Moh seems to stock only Mao Shan Wang and Black Gold Mao Shan Wang for now.

Yu Lian Durian


Malaysian durians such as the D24 and Mao Shan Wang are clearly more popular here, but that hasn’t stopped Greek businessman Phillip George Laskaris from stocking their Thai cousins instead. Bringing in durians with foreign-sounding names like Kanyao, Chanee, and Monthong, Yu Lian plans to buck the perception that Thai durians are lower in quality. The durians are brought in by road from Phillip’s Thai wife’s plantations located in southern Thailand, every 2 to 3 days.


Their Facebook posts are scant, but their logos and cover photo are very professionally done indeed, perhaps because copywriter Marc Ashley is a business partner.

Ang mohs selling durian? What’s next?

Before you decry this phenomenon as another case of foreigners stealing Singaporean jobs, it might be wise to consider the future of Singaporean durian sellers. While the fruit enjoys great popularity here, the sellers still tend to be uncles without any way of selling their durians online. Perhaps the entrance of a different type of durian seller might be good for the industry on a whole.

These stalls will only be open during durian season. 

Durian Ang Moh

Address: 681 Hougang Avenue 4, Singapore 530681
Tel: 9196 5698
Opening hours: Daily 2pm to 10pm

Yu Lian

Address: 269 Queen Street, #01-234,  Singapore 180269
Tel: 6909 3522
Opening hours: Daily 5am to 1am

Featured image from Facebook and Instagram