Malay man in Singapore has a voice comparable to Ed Sheeran

We are not exaggerating one bit — this Malay man busking near Tampines MRT does sound like Ed Sheeran.

Mr. Mohammad Said Bin Rahim has heads turning every time he performs for the public and some people even stop for him just to enjoy his music a little longer.

He performs during his free time

If you have not seen him perform, here is a video of him singing Photograph by Ed Sheeran:

It really does sound like the original singer himself is performing!

In a Facebook post by the North East Community Development Council, a young boy even sat down in the vicinity of Mr Rahim’s performance just so he could enjoy his music.

Beyond being a successful busker, Mr Rahim is a Literature teacher at Bedok North Secondary School.

Now, isn’t he an inspiration?

For those who said you can’t pursue your dreams while working in a 9 to 6 job, stop with your excuses because Mr Rahim is here busking during his free time.

Mr Rahim is well received amongst Singaporeans

Mr Rahim was a hit among Singaporeans who have seen him perform and he even had to comment on the North East Community Development Council Facebook post to update his fans about his next performance.


He is even kind enough to accept song requests:


Some people are just lovely fans:


Mr Rahim is an inspiration to all

He does not let anyone define what he can or cannot do and he pursues his dreams without fear.

He might not be as young as Ed Sheeran or have killer looks, but he certainly has a voice that can turn anyone’s day around.

If you are around the area, remember to keep a look out for our Singaporean Ed Sheeran!


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Featured image via Betches, Facebook