One Victim Alleges Penetrative Sexual Assault, And That A Police Report Has Been Made

Rice Media broke the news on the salacious details of two more alleged cases of sexual assault by Eden Ang on Monday (26 Feb).

The story literally broke their site as well, with their website becoming temporarily inaccessible due to the sheer amount of traffic.



Here’s a summary of the shocking allegations revealed by two women who have come forth with their stories.

Before you continue reading, be warned that the following accounts may be considered graphic and sexually explicit.

Fourth Victim: Dawn’s Story (Not her real name)

Dawn alleges that YouTuber Eden Ang sexually assaulted and forced himself upon her multiple times in 2015.

She has since lodged an official police report for sexual assault last Friday (23 Feb).

This is a brief timeline of what went down between them according to her:

First Encounter

  • Dawn met Eden Ang through work where they began texting.
  • Eden invited her over for a movie at his house.
  • She interpreted his advances as interest in dating, and decided to give him a chance.
  • Eden tried to persuade her to stay over but she declined.

Second Encounter

They hung out a second time at his house where he made “boyfriend-type” advances as follows:

  • Eden “tried to touch [her]” by trying to hug her.
  • Eden suddenly “reached up to [her] skirt” to touch her, saying he was “horny and believed that girls want it”
  • Dawn resisted his propositions and he “kind of used force to try to persuade [her]”
  • Upon rejection, Eden showed a “black face” and ignored her.

Third Encounter

According to Dawn, this is what went down during their third encounter at his house:

  • Eden “touched her buttocks and vagina” and tried to get her sexually aroused.
  • He reached his hand “past her panties to [her] vagina” even after she resisted and tried to stop him
  • Dawn told him that she honestly “never [did] this before” even with guys she dated but he told her she needed to “open up”.
  • Upon Dawn’s refusal to have sexual relations with Eden, he told her that “Girls that are not obedient need to be punished”
  • Eden told Dawn to “go to the bathroom and take off [her] clothes”
  • Dawn claims she “felt it was wrong” but didn’t know “how to reject him”.
  • Dawn proceeded to remove her clothes “leaving only [her] bra and panties on”
  • Eden then insisted she remove her undergarments, which she eventually complied to.
  • Eden allegedly said, “I just want to take photo…whenever I just want to feel high, I’ll look at your picture”
  • He threatened to “look for other girls” if she continued to withhold sex from him.
  • Eden then got “very fierce” which made Dawn feel “lost and confused”.
  • After Eden was done taking nude pictures of Dawn, she got dressed and went home.

Dawn then alleged that Eden continued to “send [her] pictures of black people’s dicks”, saying that his was bigger and asking if she felt “horny now” upon viewing the things he had sent.

She says Eden insisted that “all girls want sex” even when they said otherwise. And that he egged her into admitting that “his dick is bigger”.

A G-string was also brought up, as Eden asked her if she had one. When Dawn denied ownership of a G-string, Eden allegedly offered to buy her one so she could wear it for him.

Apparently, he also requested that she not wear “bra and panties” when she was out with him.

Allegations of penetration and assault

Dawn then claims that Eden contacted her after the “nude picture” incident, promising to make it up to her.

She relented to his promises and went to hang out at his house again.

Although the pretext of the meet-up was ‘work’, Eden allegedly brought her to his bedroom again and did the following things:

  • ‘Fingered’ her against her will
  • Penetrated her “with his penis”
  • Engaged in sexual intercourse that was not consensual

Dawn claims that she “pushed him off and kept saying no”, but that Eden “just kept going” and did not stop.

He apparently said “You have to go on; if you don’t go on, it’ll be more painful”, and proceeded to remove her clothes.

Eden then told her that he was going to “ejaculate on [her] tummy”, which he did after removing his condom.

Dawn says that he told her to “wash up because it was ‘dirty’, and not to allow the semen to drip”. She complied, got dressed and left the house.

The alleged aftermath

Eden followed up with Dawn on how “the experience felt”, to which Dawn recounted that “it was quite painful”.

Eden allegedly replied that she “must do it a few times then it won’t be painful”.

Eden then propositioned her a few days after their initial encounter, meeting again at his house.

They proceeded to the bedroom, where Eden took her to “try and get [her] horny”.

As Dawn still felt the pain, “there was no penetration this time” and they got into an argument over the issue, following which she left the house.

From that day onwards, Dawn claims she gave into Eden’s advances a lot less and opposed him a lot more.

She consulted a mutual friend on her opinion of Eden, and was told to stay away after she was shown “screenshots of other women’s chat history with Eden”.

Dawn confronted Eden with the screenshots and he argued that those girls were “just friends”, and accused Dawn of being “sensitive”.

As she tried to leave him, he allegedly grabbed her and asked her to “delete all his messages in front of him”.

Dawn asked him to delete her nude pictures as well, to which he said “I don’t want to delete. Why should I delete? This is my phone.”

She remains unsure if he retains ownership of her alleged nudes to this day.

Fifth Victim: Sheryl’s Story (Not her real name)

Sheryl was the next victim who stepped forth to share her story on Rice’s article.

According to Rice, she has not made public her account of the harassment or publicly addressed her experience with Eden in 2015.

However, Rice Media claims that Sheryl has shared “detailed screenshots” of her chat history with Eden to support her story.

This is what Sheryl alleges about her encounter with Eden:

  • She was told that he had seen enough “pussy” to become “numb to it already” as a photographer.


  • Eden calls his women “mei” and himself “kor” or “boss”.
  • She was engaged as a model for an “outdoor fashion shoot” but was not paid any money for her efforts.
  • He propositioned her for sex via WhatsApp messages saying, “Kor feeling horny lor. Want to meet Mei to help him release.”


  • Eden allegedly claimed that he needed “big boobs or ass to make [him] cum” as his girlfriend could not make him “horny”.
  • He then asked Sheryl if she wanted to be his mistress or 小三 as her “boobs very big”.
  • Eden then sent her “other people’s dick pictures” over WhatsApp, which she “deleted immediately”
  • Eden asked Sheryl to “give her virginity to him”, even though he was attached to someone else.
  • Sheryl rejected Eden’s advances every time.

Wearing a G-string for a photoshoot

Before their scheduled shoot, Eden apparently told her to wear “a G” for her “white bandage”.


This refers to wearing a G-string style lingerie for a white bandage dress, supposedly to prevent a visible pantyline (VPL).

He claimed that in a previous shoot with his ex, the “uncles” which probably refer to photographers, complained about a VPL.


The model did not have a G-string, so they asked her to “carry out a pantyless shoot” which resulted in revealing shots taken by the photographers.

According to Eden, he “had to discipline her” following the incident.


Upon expressing her concern due to the shortness of the attire she had to don for her photoshoot, she was apparently told by Eden that he would “train [her] slowly”.


He also allegedly added that “Models shut up, trust and obey” and that she should not discuss what she wears if she didn’t want to “spoil [her] sweet image”.

According to Sheryl, Eden then brought her to Bugis Street to buy a G-string. On the way, he touched her thigh in the cab, to assess “her physique”.

Wearing A G-String For A Photoshoot

During the shoot, Sheryl alleges that Eden did the following things to her:

  • Rolled up her mid-thigh length skirt to mini-skirt length
  • Pulled down her top to resemble an off-shoulder top
  • Asked her to try more “daring pose(s)”
  • Pressured her to remove her top
  • Wear only his white shirt over her bare body

Sheryl said that she complied to his requests during the 2-hour shoot as she assumed Eden knew how to stay professional.

After the shoot, Eden continued asking Sheryl to “meet up to chill”, but she would make excuses that she wasn’t free.

Although Eden promised not to make Sheryl’s photos public, she alleges that he eventually did — to none other than a client.


Eden allegedly told Sheryl this about that particular client,

He says he want CHINESE type. I said I got [one]. The face ok ok. The boobs big. Thigh nice. Ask him want. He’s replying now.

Sheryl, for obvious reasons, declined Eden’s offer, but Eden apparently tried to push the request through, saying,

He offer $200 topless private shoot. Can be accompanied by boss. Photos for his pleasure only.

Sheryl says she refused the offer again, leading Eden to conclude that she only “trust[ed] boss” and wanted to “shoot for boss” — “boss” referring to Eden.

She adds that she’s afraid that Eden would “use her photos against her” if her identity is made known.

The last time they remained in contact on WhatsApp was in July 2016.

Fourth ‘victim’ explains why she kept returning to Eden’s house, despite his alleged behaviour

Dawn – the fourth victim – states that she’s aware now that by returning to Eden’s house over and over again, she was “foolish”.

Her explanation was that she believed the first incident of non-consensual touching would be the only time he did it. And she wished to “give him more chances”.

She also states that she was never officially in a relationship with Eden as he “didn’t want them to be”.

Well, what happens now?

If these two accounts are to be believed, at least one more police report has been made regarding Eden Ang’s alleged sexual harassment.

Only one thing’s for certain, we should probably wait for the investigations to be completed before passing judgement on this case.

Featured image from Eden Ang Productions, Rice Media, Rice Media.