YouTuber Eden Ang Faces Third Sexual Harassment Accusation

The Eden Ang accusations just seem to keep coming.

After being accused of sexually harassing not one but two female acquaintances, a third has stepped out to speak out against YouTuber Eden Ang.

This time, the accusations come from model-turned-actress Melissa Faith Yeo, who claimed on her Facebook that Mr Ang had already been “on the prowl” since 2013.

You can view her Facebook post in its entirety here.

Otherwise, take your popcorn out of the microwave and kick back as we take another look at the YouTuber’s sexual misconduct.

Eden Ang’s disrespect to women

According to Ms Yeo, her first encounter with Mr Ang took place way back in 2013 — when he was still relatively new to the acting industry.

While she stated that she wouldn’t consider her experience with him as sexually harassing, the actress mentioned that Mr Ang was already as brazen even then.

She described the Wah!Banana star as as being disrespectful to women, and felt that he was immature in his behaviour.

Even providing screenshots of their disturbing conversation.


At this point she mentioned that her friend had gotten frustrated with his tone and decided to take over the chat.

As you can see, this was where the conversation took a turn and headed into uncomfortable territory — where Mr Ang began prodding questions that would make anyone feel uneasy and pushed for Ms Yeo to stay over at his place for the evening.


Check out how Mr Ang replied after realising that Ms Yeo wasn’t as keen as he was. To say the least, it was interesting.


After being told off about his disrespectful reply, Mr Ang then changed his tone and nicely asked for Ms Yeo to stay over.

Albeit in a rather inappropriate manner.


Smooth Eden, smooth.

At this point, we here at MustShareNews would like to urge our readers not to take anything at face level. While we don’t condone Mr Ang and his alleged actions, we at the same time are unable to confirm if the opposing party in the conversation is indeed the man in question.

Hence, take everything you read with a grain of salt — at least until more information is released.

Harassment in America


However, perhaps the more interesting story was a year later in 2014 when an unidentified girl had met with Mr Ang in New York City where he was on a government grant to study film making.

Recalled by Ms Yeo, this was what happened:

Already acquainted at the point, Mr Ang and the girl had met for a meal to discuss acting and stuff before he requested to use her restroom — to which she agreed and let him into her studio apartment.

However, when he was done, he allegedly joined the girl – who was waiting on her sofa – and placed his hand up her skirt.


Expectedly, the horrified girl immediately suggested heading back to the cafe to continue getting their food.

Unfortunately, the ordeal didn’t end there.


Puzzled by her rejection, Mr Ang questioned her decision and informed the girl that plenty teenage girls had previously approached him requesting that he took their virginity.

Several days later, the girl was accused of being “spoilt” for refusing his advances.

#MeToo Singapore

Just like Lilith and Nicolette, the girl in question was insisted by Ms Yeo to report Mr Ang to the authorities but was afraid to do so due to his status as a social media influencer.

However, it seemed that the recent #MeToo movement in Singapore had compelled Ms Yeo to come out with the mystery girl’s story.


Concluding her post, Ms Yeo then thanked Kuroe, Lilith, and Nicolette for publicly sharing their stories and urged those affected to not be ashamed to speak up about any cases of harassment.

Could this just be another victim of Mr Ang’s tirade? Will we see more stories appearing in the weeks to come?

Or will he be proven innocent – just as his friends believe – at the end of this saga?

Only time will tell.

Featured image from Melissa Faith Yeo and Eden Ang