Edmund Chen Says Woman Who Allegedly Took $11,000 From Him Is A “10-Time Star Awards Winner”


Edmund Chen Makes Police Report Over Woman

The Star Awards is on tonight (April 16, Sunday), and veteran actress Xiang Yun, who won the All-Time Favourite Artiste Award in 2011, was included in an 8 Days poll that determined who Singapore’s “Most Favourite All-Time Favourite” was.

Not to be left out, her husband Edmund Chen, who is also a household name as an actor but hasn’t been appearing on TV for awhile, has also been making headlines — but unfortunately not for any award or anything good of that sort.

He has made a police report, saying that he had lost $11,000 to a female stranger who had abused his trust.

Here’s Edmund and Xiang Yun in a lovey-dovey photo on his Instagram profile. They still look great after decades in the entertainment industry:

Police Report

On his Facebook page on Saturday (April 15), the actor posted the Singapore Police Force logo, seeming to indicate that he had made a police report about a woman whom he called an “expert” and “repeat offender”.

Saying that there were other “victims” of this “expert” too, he said the “expert” will continue to be invisible and search for more victims when her victims give up pursuing their cases.

Edmund Chen also said the woman has read the “expert handbook” well, and even called her a “10-time Star Awards winner”, which we think is kinda ironic given that his wife is actually a 10-time winner of the top 10 Most Popular Female Artist award at the Star Awards, and has also won 4 Best Supporting Actress awards.

Formerly Trusted

He was undoubtedly referring to a woman he previously spoke about on April 10 in a lengthy Facebook post.

He said the woman got in touch with him via Facebook, wanting to collaborate on a project, but eventually winning the trust of him and his family.

Edmund Chen also told Today that he regretted being too friendly with the woman.

Who Is She?

According to Today, Mr Chen got to know the lady through Facebook — she sent him a message asking for a collaboration on an art project which did not take off.

He introduced her to his family and they developed a close relationship over a few months, even becoming Xiang Yun’s goddaughter.

The Straits Times also spoke to the local actor, who said:

Friends did tell me to be careful of her, but Xiang Yun (his wife) and I believe in giving people second chances.

Edmund Chen had comforted her when she allegedly broke up with her actor boyfriend, and as Edmund Chen was also aware of her financial difficulties, he said he gave her red packets worth approximately $11,000.

On top of that, he gave her part-time work by allowing her to handle the advertising, sales and marketing of his third illustrated book, Little Red Dot.

She was allowed to represent Mr Chen despite that, including the management of his social media accounts — despite not signing any legal contract with her.

Edmund Chen even told Lianhe Wanbao that the woman had invited him along to clubs, but he never went.

Cutting Ties

Edmund Chen said he fired the woman in February for not meeting sales targets, but she continued acting as his representative and even changed his Facebook password.

Today stated that in his Facebook post, Mr Chen labelled this incident as a “crossroads in life” and hopes to move on from here.

However, with his police report, which is the culmination of a series of Facebook posts on the saga where he even named the woman and posted her photos, it’s clear that he hasn’t moved on just yet.

The Woman’s Story

But Lianhe Wanbao contacted the woman, and she denied doing anything wrong, reported AsiaOne.

She rebuffed many of Edmund Chen’s allegations, including the one where he said she was Xiang Yun’s goddaughter, saying that she never recognised the actress as such.

She also said he never represented him after leaving his company in February.

She said she is seeking legal advice from lawyers, adding:

He attacked me on Facebook before I even had a chance to tell reporters anything. Why would he do this?

He Said, She Said

It’s clear that this whole mess is complicated. We will be watching just like everyone else as it plays out.

However, what’s certain is that this is the most exciting drama that Edmund Chen has been in in years, and it’s definitely more riveting than the largely predictable Star Awards.

Congrats to Edmund for his comeback!

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