Is it a case of accident scam?

Yesterday (8 April), along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, an elderly man who stood by the roadside approached a car when it neared him. He then raised his arms, seemingly attempting to cross the road illegally. The driver slowed down and came to a complete stop to let him pass.

However, instead of crossing the road, the old man flung himself onto the bonnet of the car, much to the driver’s shock.


Posted by Jumatt Matt on Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The driver noted that the man tried pulling the same stunt with a car behind.

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His bizarre behaviour was unexplained, but it was suspected to be a case of accident scam, in which someone pretends to be hurt by the driver and demand compensation from the driver.

Nonetheless, some praised him for his acting.

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And it seems like he has already garnered some fans…

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Meanwhile, a concerned netizen, Ray Tan, has brought this case to the attention of the Singapore Police Force on their Facebook page.

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