The girl who gained overnight fame

Remember the ‘Apple girl’, Eleanor Lee, who gained prominence overnight?

After the viral Apple commercial aired, Eleanor’s Instagram and Weibo followers tripled within six hours.

It seems like the fresh-faced budding starlet’s popularity is on the rise, especially with her newly-scored role in upcoming blockbuster China TV drama, Tribes and Empires.

At only 16, Eleanor is already making waves in the industry. We’re sure we’ll be seeing more of Quan Yifeng’s daughter in the near future — here are 10 facts you never knew about her so you can be the first know-it-all fan.

1. She’s so close to her mum they’re practically sisters

For one, they’re friends on Facebook.

In reality, their mother-daughter bond is so tight they seem more like sisters. Quan calls Eleanor ‘mei mei’ while Eleanor says that her mother is her best friend.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.06.58 pm

2. She’s cooler than her mum

With her looks, the doe-eyed beauty is bound to have suitors. Quan has no objections to Eleanor dating, and said:

I am a romantic at heart and very open-minded. “If she likes someone and the guy is a good catch, I’ll encourage her to go for it. In fact, I am always the one asking her, ‘So how? Is that guy handsome? Did he ask for your number?'”

But the cooler Eleanor is in no rush to get into a relationship.

I rather we be friends first, there is no need to rush into a relationship. Most importantly, the guy has to treat me well.

3. She changed her surname on her own accord

qyf (17)Source

If you haven’t known, Eleanor is the daughter of Quan Yifeng and former actor Peter Yu. The pair filed for divorce in 2008. The father and daughter have lived apart since.

On the other hand, Eleanor’s godfather a.ka. local celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee has been looking after Eleanor since birth, and Eleanor used to call him “Uncle Daddy”. At Eleanor’s birthday party last year, Eleanor expressed gratitude to Addy for raising her and promised to be filial to him and said:

You are not my Uncle Daddy. You are my Daddy. My name is Lee Kai Xin.


Eleanor also officially changed her surname last year.

4. She’s bad at maths

 Addy revealed in an interview with The New Paper that both Quan and Eleanor are not very good when it comes to money:

Eleanor is just like her mum, both of them are bad at Maths. They both don’t know how to ‘count’ money well.

This is why a management team was hired to safeguard Eleanor’s interests, and they handle the money Eleanor earns from her commercials and acting gigs.

5. She used to score Cs for Chinese

With her mum’s reputation of being a sharp-tongued compere, one would naturally assume that Eleanor would be as proficient in her mother tongue. Contrarily, she used to get Cs in Chinese, but the turning point came two years ago. Eleanor attends an international school in Singapore, and mixing with her schoolmates from China helped pull up her grades to an A. Not bad at all.



6. She has her fair share of stalkers

And some of them are pretty weird. Eleanor shared: 

There is this follower who always leaves comments on my Weibo account, and he would ask, ‘Are your feet smelly?’ countless times. It’s hilarious. I would laugh and tell my friends jokingly, ‘Yes, my feet are super smelly, do you want to smell them?’ I am not creeped out by it, but I find it really funny.

Bet Eleanor’s toes are laughing too.



7. She wants to take on comedic roles

Eleanor is a self-proclaimed funny person, a sentiment her mother shares. Eleanor also divulged that her mother would ask her to stop making “ugly faces” whenever she makes funny faces at home.

How’s this for a comedic attempt?

Don’t judge me! A video posted by Eleanor Lee 李凱馨 (@eleanorleex) on


8. She is an artist

 In November 2015, Eleanor collaborated with well-known Beijing-born artist Wu Qiang. The duo produced two pieces of artwork that were to be sold at $13,500 each. Her pieces could be found at the Wu Qiong: Here And Now exhibition at the Ode To Art gallery in Raffles City held last month, which feature her permanent market abstract designs alongside Wu’s human figures paintings.

Check out Eleanor’s works:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.52.28 am

We’re beyond impressed. Here are more artworks from the self-taught artist:

Do what you wanna do @eleanorline A video posted by Eleanor Lee 李凱馨 (@eleanorleex) on

9. She’s a singer-songwriter in the making

Can this girl be more talented?

She can sing…

你一定很喜欢。。 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈? A video posted by Eleanor Lee 李凱馨 (@eleanorleex) on


(If you’re wondering why she sounds like a chipmunk, it’s because of the helium balloon she was playing with.)

I’m a new soul ?   A video posted by Eleanor Lee 李凱馨 (@eleanorleex) on


… and she even writes her own songs!

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 3.06.58 pmSource

We spy some pretty neat cursive handwriting over there!

Eleanor also uploaded a snippet of her self-composed song on Instagram:

让大家听一段 我自己写的歌?   A video posted by Eleanor Lee 李凱馨 (@eleanorleex) on

10. She’s secretly a mermaid

Singapore’s first mermaid Syrena ought to hire Eleanor for her mermaid school.

Chlorine after chlorine. Slowly drifting? A video posted by Eleanor Lee 李凱馨 (@eleanorleex) on

Part 2 ?   A video posted by Eleanor Lee 李凱馨 (@eleanorleex) on

‘Apple girl’ is also a goddess

‘Apple girl’ is more than just a pretty face and certainly not a one-hit wonder. At the young age of 16, she is already far more accomplished that many others beyond her age – plus, she can draw, sing, act, and even play the piano.

No wonder she’s already a goddess in the hearts of many.


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