Singapore’s First Hypercar

Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren. These are just some of the supercars that an average kid dreams of owning one day when they grow up.

5 years later, we could add the brand new Vanda Dendrobium to that list. Unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, it’s the world’s first electric hypercar — and we’re proud to say that it’s made by a Singapore company.

It may also be one of the world’s most sexy cars! Just take a look at this beauty:



Most of the luxury cars that we hear of are called supercars, which is a status given to cars that have extraordinary technology and performance.

A hypercar, however, is on a whole new level. According to Gear Patrol, the name “hypercar” is used to refer to the cream of the crop, i.e. the top 1% of supercars, and they are extremely rare.

Hypercars encompass all the qualities of a supercar and push the boundaries of performance, technology and design.

Fast And Furious

The Vanda Dendrobium is the world’s first electric hypercar, and it has been projected to be able to go from 0 to 100km per hour in just 2.6 seconds.

It’s top speed is approximately 321km/h. Yes, it’s that fast.


For those you already getting excited, that is 241km/h faster than the speed limit on the PIE, so please don’t get any ideas.

What’s best, the car runs purely on electricity, which is as manufacturer Vanda Electrics puts it, “the future”.

An Orchid By Any Other Name

The Dendrobium is specially named after a large genus of orchids native to Singapore.

What’s amazing is that when the doors of the car are open, it mimics the shape of a blossomed orchid!

Source, Source

Why would Vanda Electrics put so much effort into shaping the car like a Singaporean icon, you ask?

Made In Singapore

Well, that’s because Vanda Electrics is a Singaporean company.


Singapore’s an unlikely place for a hypercar to be born, considering there really isn’t anywhere that’s safe to drive at high speeds here. But  Vanda Electrics is a local automobile company incorporated just last year. While its parent company Wong Fong Engineering makes stuff like cranes, tailgates and military equipment, Vanda Electrics develops electric vehicles.

In fact, the Vanda Dendrobium was designed right here, at the Vanda Electrics workshop in Joo Koon.


The Dendrobium is its premium product, as Vanda Electrics looks to elevate the company’s name to rank alongside the giants. This project is also in collaboration with F1 car developer Williams Advanced Engineering, according to motorauthority.

A Lot Of Moolah

For those of you who are getting out your checkbooks to show support for our Singapore visionaries, you might want to sit down.

Although no prices have been officially released, the price of a production version of the Dendrobium is said to be in the ballpark of “a seven-figure price tag”, Car Magazine quoted Vanda Electrics chief executive Larissa Tan as saying.


Born In Singapore, But Not In Singapore

Ms Tan has said that production is likely to begin in 2 years’ time. Sadly, the number of hypercars built will only be in the tens — I guess it’s unlikely that thousands of people will be able to afford it anyway.

Here’s the kicker: There is also no guarantee that the car will be available in Singapore.

With the small number of units that are expected to be manufactured, it’s not likely that you will see the car zooming around Singapore’s streets soon.

Well, maybe if you head down to Joo Koon you could at least catch a glimpse of where the car was designed. That should be comforting enough for now.

Please Come Home

We think, and sincerely hope, that the car is made available in Singapore, especially since it’s Singapore born and bred, and the name and shape of the car carries significance.

Although most of us won’t be able to afford it, it would be nice to catch it on the streets or on display somewhere.

Perhaps the powers-that-be can ensure that a Vanda Dendrobium zooms in as part of a future National Day Parade.

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