Elmo Learns Singlish From A News Presenter In His First Visit To Singapore


Sesame Street’s Elmo Is Taught Singlish By News Presenter

Remember back in the day when then-Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong described Singlish as “English corrupted by Singaporeans” and introduced the Speak Good English Movement? Many criticized the move as trying to eradicate the language as they felt it made us uniquely Singapore.

Since then, proper English has been heavily encouraged in mainstream media and schools.

But that didn’t stop Channel NewsAsia presenter Genevieve Loh from teaching Sesame Street’s Elmo a thing or two about Singlish when he visited our little red dot for the first time.

Power la, Genevieve.

“S” for Singlish

Here in Singapore as part of his global #ShareTheLaughter campaign, the furry red monster added several Singlish terms to his dictionary. They include:

  • Kaki
  • Stylo Milo
  • Chope
  • Swee
  • Aiyo

Personally we would’ve taught him more expressive terms such as lah, lor and leh but bo bian, Channel NewsAsia chope him already.

Still, not bad for a 3-and-a-half-year-old.


Additionally, the jovial monster could barely contain his excitement to try out local delights such as the chili crab and satay, and was looking most forward to visiting Gardens By The Bay.

Seems like the Gardens is popular among celebrities.

“T” for teatime 

Apart from that, another tourist destination Elmo visited was Universal Studios Singapore on Saturday (23 Sept).


There he attended a tea-time party where he spread the message of kindness to those that joined him.

Hoping for his guests to share the laughter by telling a joke and posting it on social media, Elmo promptly questioned what one pencil said to the other.

You are looking sharp!

Swee la, Elmo.

“D” for deejay 

If you thought that was it for Elmo’s big adventure, check out his interview with the Muttons on Class 95.

For those wondering what Elmo’s favourite alphabet was or what his last name is, this video is a must.

He was even given the opportunity to be a DJ as he ended off the segment by introducing Lady Gaga’s The Cure.

If you’re disapppointed you didn’t get to catch him in person, you can always show him some love on his Facebook or Twitter.

This article has been brought to you by the letter “M” for Must Share News.

Featured image from Facebook.




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