Billionaire Min-Liang Tan Offers Help To Tesla’s Elon Musk In Sweet Tweet Exchange

Guess which local billionaire has joined the exclusive ‘I-received-a-tweet-back-from-Elon-Musk’ club?

He’s none other than Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan, who’s also hard at work on a cashless payment system for Singapore.

Citing a government who was “not supportive”, Mr Musk recently lamented that they had tried earlier to introduce Electric Vehicles (EV) in Singapore but to no avail.

Therefore, Tesla had no plans to introduce Tesla Superchargers in Singapore, to the dismay of local Tesla fans.

Tesla In Singapore? Elon Musk Says Government Not Supportive, Sparks Twitter Debate

A helping hand

Min-Liang Tan has now swooped in to offer a helping hand to “move things along”, via a heartwarming tweet on Sunday (27 May).


He mused that he already ordered a Tesla Model 3, and wished to know how he could help get things going for Tesla in Singapore.


This generous offer warranted a reply from Elon Musk, who thanked him for the offer and said he’d “check with [his] team”.


Razer CEO’s sweet new ride

We were curious as to how Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan’s new ride would look, so we snooped around.


To say that the Tesla Model 3 is a sleek new ride, would be a gross understatement.


Tesla Model 3 boasts a 15-inch touchscreen display, voice-activated controls, plush seating for 5 adults and a performance range of 5.1-5.6 sec for 0-60 mph (96.5km/h).

As well as smart navigation, a premium audio system and remote climate control. Basically every millennial’s dream car.

For just $1,000 USD (S$1,338), you can reserve yours now. The homepage touts a $35,000 USD (S$46,854) starting price, before incentives.

But we all know that’s not the price Razer’s Min-Liang will have to fork out in Singapore, given that there’s COE and all to consider.

Here’s hoping

Hopefully, the Tesla x Razer collab that Min-Liang Tan is promising will eventually come to fruition soon.

After all, it’s not the first time that Min-Liang has made a promise he’s sworn to keep on Twitter.

In the meantime, we’ll be keeping a close eye on both their tweets.

Featured image from Tesla.