Envy Dance Club Investigating Mass-Brawl Between Patrons, Staff And Police

A night that was supposed to be filled with booze and laughter ended in a free-for-all brawl between patrons, staff and police officers at Envy Dance Club on 13 Nov. The club, which is located at St James Power Station, is renowned for its Techno and Euro Dance music.

In a Facebook post on 14 Nov, Envy Dance Club spoke out against such behaviour and called for witnesses to step forward to assist with the ongoing investigations.

Several patrons who witnessed the event, took the liberty of recording the entire ordeal. Here’s how the smackdown went…down.

Evacuate the dance floor

It is unclear on what initiated the stare-down but security staff were on hand to try and defuse the situation. In this video uploaded by Facebook user Xiao Bao, the club’s lights were turned on to stop the party and security staff could be seen shining the green laser pointer, presumably at the culprits.

In general, beer glasses are meant for enjoying the tasty beverage. However, in this case, it was the catalyst which began the massive brawl after a glass was flung into the air. Sensing that a fight was about to break, some patrons around the videographer began applauding sarcastically. Others could be heard shouting “ho liao” (finish already).

As the security guards tried to usher the trouble-makers out of the club, all hell broke loose as tables were broken, beer towers were thrown and bodies were battered. To make matters worse, patrons who were not directly involved in the fight can be seen throwing their beer glasses into the ensuing chaos.

It seems that the massive brawl made the DJ nervous as he fumbled and unpaused the music for a few seconds.

In a second video uploaded by the same Facebook user, a man can be seen throwing kicks at another man that was on the ground.

Here’s a view of the fight from the opposite side.

We suspect that the fight might have involved gangsters as gang poems could be heard in this video, although it is unclear whether this took place before or after the fight.

Could have been prevented?

For regular party goers, it is common knowledge that clubs such as Zouk ban the chanting of gang poems.

However, it seems that the Envy Dance Club actually permits their patrons to chant along. Just take a look at this video where the emcee encourages the crowd to chant the chorus of a notorious gang poem.

By encouraging such behaviour, is it truly a surprise that such an incident has taken place?

As the club pleas for witnesses to come forward, we guess all we can offer is a million tears for you.

Featured image from Facebook.