COMEX, the IT show which is known for its good bargains, unveiled a series of ads in order to attract customers. To market the fair—what, are cheap bargains not enough to entice people?—a team came up with a series of posters that featured fictitious personas of different ages and professions to show how useable their products are.


This one, however, was dubbed an “epic fail” by its followers on Facebook. Here’s why:

comex2 comex3 comex4

While some are wondering how it would be possible for an 18-year-old student to buy this many gadgets, the creative team got their facts wrong—one commenter eagerly pointed out that it was a Nintendo Wii U, not a SONY Wii U, while another pointed out that it’s not portable as the Nintendo Wii U has to be plugged into a console to be used.

As for us? We’re wondering why she would use a diving camera to take selfies instead of using a good old iPhone.

Oh well. Better luck next time, COMEX!

With reference to Facebook
Top image via Facebook