SMRT Staff Help Save The Life Of Unresponsive Baby Boy At Somerset MRT


SMRT Staff Are “Everyday Heroes”

Would you stop and approach someone who is crying, or would you glance at them awkwardly and avoid eye contact?

Since primary school, teachers and parents have nagged us to be more vigilant and proactive. We have all heard them go on and on about the need to be caring and to always look out for the people around us. Sometimes, being aware of your surroundings and reporting anything fishy can save a life.


Certis Cisco Security Officer (SO) Punitha illustrated the importance of vigilance when she noticed a crying mother and child at Somerset MRT on Tuesday (March 14).

Suspecting that something was amiss, she immediately notified the station manager (SM) and his assistant (ASM), William and Kuldip. Upon realising that the baby’s lips were blue and that his eyes were unresponsive, SM William then took the baby from the distraught mother while ASM Kuldip used to PA system to request for medical assistance.

SM William also opened the baby’s mouth to ensure that his airway was clear whilst patting the baby’s back.


Who else should respond to the cry for help, but an SAF Medic! We have always regard for the SAF Medics, who just recently saved a man’s life in Pulau Tekong.

You can read more about the SAF Medic Heroes here.

The medic, together with the SM William, ASM Kuldip and a nurse who stepped forward to help,  managed to clear the baby’s airway. The baby soon started to recover and began responding, effectively bringing the baby back to life.



Not only are they heroes for saving the little boy, they displayed humility despite the praise and gratitude they received from the boy’s parents.

In the SMRT’s Facebook post, SM William said that he had never encountered such a situation before and was a little nervous while helping the baby. ASM Kudlip also pointed out that “tears of relief and joy” were spilled when the baby responded.  

Absolutely heartwarming. We won’t blame you if you see a few teardrops on your phone screen while reading this, even if they’re a result of your *ahem* allergies.


Showered With Praise

Netizens were more than impressed with the actions of the staff, and lauded them for their heroic act.


SO Punitha also went on Facebook to show her gratitude for the kind comments that she had received!


Going Beyond

These people are the kind of citizens we Singaporeans need to model ourselves after. Going beyond their job descriptions, they have possibly saved a life. We sincerely hope more people take up this caring mindset and are willing to lend a helping hand when required.

Kudos to the SMRT staff and those who helped! You guys are truly everyday heroes!

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