10 Most Expensive 2018 Wedding Venues

So you get invited to a wedding, and you think it’s gonna be all about dressing up and having an enjoyable time getting drunk with friends you haven’t seen in years.

Hold up, because you’re forgetting the most important part: ang bao giving.


Of course, it’s tradition for guests to do a lil’ market research on the wedding venue, and base their ang bao prices on that.

Departing with your hard-earned money is no one’s favourite topic, so we understand that those of you attending weddings will probably be putting off your research till the last minute.

Don’t worry, because as always, we at MustShareNews have got your back.

We’ve broken down the Top 10 most expensive wedding venues for 2018, to let you know how much the bride and groom will be paying for that amazing meal you’ll be having.

Bear in mind, all prices listed are per pax, and they only take into account the cheapest possible venue rate for the hotel.

10. W Singapore

The cheapest, but by no means the least on the list, W Hotel is $214 for a Saturday dinner and $190 for a Sunday.

For Friday-Sunday dinner expect to pay $187, and $175 for lunch through the week. A weekday dinner however, will set you back $169. 

Best part of weddings, celebrating aka drinking

W Hotel is well-known for being a modern and swanky hotel, with a cool after party spot known as the WOOBAR.

As the W Hotel puts it, “A wedding at W is not just a ceremony. It’s a happening”. Wah, that makes us want to attend too.

9. Grand Hyatt Singapore

On a Saturday, a dinner banquet will cost $216, and $205 for a Sunday. A Friday-Sunday lunch is $169.

Attend a wedding at Grand Hyatt and you know that you’ll be in for a treat.

Please invite us to a wedding with desserts that look like this

Fingers crossed that the bride and groom have opted to have a customised candy bar at their banquet, because it looks so good.

A weekday lunch is also $169, while the dinner is $181.

8. The Ritz Carlton, Millenia

Dinner at the swanky Ritz Carlton, Millenia will set you back $221, while lunch is $187.  

*swoons* Looks like a fancy but rustic barn

Located in the CBD, you know you’ll be in for a great view of the skyline at any wedding you attend here.

7. Resorts World Sentosa, S.E.A Aquarium

You’ve definitely come across photos of people posing in front of the floor-to-ceiling aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa, and Instagrammers are attracted to it like moths to a flame.

Attending a wedding at this iconic venue will set you back a hefty $222.

Look at the size of those stingrays 

We’d argue that it’s completely worth it though, considering the aquarium provides a perfect backdrop to fuel your desires of taking an unorthodox #ootd.

And of course, watching cute little fish swim out of Finding Nemo and into your dinner entertainment sounds entertaining and adorable.

6. Le Méridien Singapore, Sentosa

A weekend banquet dinner at Le Méridien costs $222, and $199 for lunch. The weekday price is $199. 

You’ll be paying top dollar for a great view of the Merlion, which is right across the location.

Merlion: You may now kiss the bride

Keep your fingers crossed that the banquet takes place at a venue they have called World of Whiskey, which sounds like a dream.

That sounds like an insane wedding party, if you ask us.

5. JW Mariott Hotel Singapore, South Beach

From Sundays to Fridays, lunch is a hefty $197, and $210 for dinner. A dinner banquet on a Saturday costs slightly more, at $222.

Okay, this one is pretty dope. The venue has a floor-to-ceiling LED lights, and a light installation across a high arched ceiling.

Seriously, even Belle would be jealous

You’ll be indulging in amazing food too, with either a five-fortune or three-fortune combination that comes with a great mix of seafood and poultry.

4. Capella Singapore

At Capella, celebrating your friend’s nuptials will leave a $222-sized hole in your pocket for dinner, and $199 for lunch.

Stay hopeful that the banquet is at the Grand Ballroom, because it’s the only circular-shaped ballroom in all of Singapore.

Circular ballroom, you say? No corner to lepak leh

With a a glass dome overhead, it’s gonna provide the perfect view of the stars in the evening.

Pro tip: If you’re attending a wedding at Capella, entry to Sentosa should be free as a part of the wedding package.

3. Andaz Singapore

Hitting up a wedding here will set you back $232 for dinner and $181 for lunch, both on a weekend. If it’s a weekday dinner, you should expect to pay around $220.

The Andaz has two venues, either the Glasshouse or Garden Studio.

Wah, the Glassbox really takes the cake. Such a sleek and chic venue. 

The Glasshouse has floor-to-ceiling windows, and as the name suggests, it’s inspired by a glass box.

Garden Studio, on the other hand, has an outdoor garden and indoor area where you can hang out for post-dinner conversations.

2. The St. Regis Singapore

The second most expensive venue on this list comes in at around $230 for a weekend dinner banquet, and $170 for lunch. Weekdays are slightly cheaper, at $187 for dinner.

If you’re attending a wedding at St. Regis, it’ll probably be at the John Jacob ballroom.

Now, this is what you call old school Gatsby-esque glamour.

The entire room is pillar-less, meaning you’ll have a great view of the celebrations no matter where you’re sitting.

This is a wedding worth RSVP-ing to for sure.

1. The Clifford Pier @ The Fullerton Bay Hotel

And we’ve come to the most expensive venue on the list.

A wedding banquet at the Clifford Pier costs a cool $292. The price is the same for lunch and dinner, across all days of the week.

The view must be ridiculous…

Undeniably, the Clifford Pier is perhaps the most beautiful venue on this list.

Established in 1933, it was home to a landing jetty for ships, and a meeting spot for seamen. The architecture is magnificent, with high ceilings and plenty of natural light flooding in for a spectacular post-wedding shot to conclude the evening.

Money well spent

Sure, the prices are a little bit steep. But it is your loved ones’ special day after all, and we hope that every dollar spent will be worth it.

Don’t forget, these prices don’t take other costs into factor, such as photographers, live music, and the likes. So you know that the bride and groom are spending way more to celebrate this day with you.

Once you’ve accepted the jio, just don’t be the stingy person that doesn’t bao enough in the ang bao.


Featured image by RWS.

All rates are based on figures listed on WeddingAngBao.com.