Score Bargains At EzBuy’s Warehouse Sale

Is shopping our national pastime?

With around 70% of our population being shopaholics, it’s no surprise that events like the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) are so popular among netizens.

While the GSS is still a few months away, you can start preparing for another sale that will take place from Feb 17 to 19 — yes, that’s this weekend!

EzBuy will be holding a one-off warehouse sale for the next three days that will have you going:


Shop Till You Drop

EzBuy is Singapore’s largest global shopping platform, which allows shoppers to ship directly from sites like Taobao and countries like the United States with the best shipping rate of $0.36 for 100g. This will be the first time an e-commerce site is a holding a warehouse sale.

RSVP for the event here.

Cheap Deals Galore

Bargain-hunters will be able to find items like apparel, toys, electrical appliances, pet products, household ware and furniture on sale — with some going for as cheap as $1!

See this trailer on the sale:


While we aren’t sure what exactly will be on sale, we think some items listed on their site could potentially be found there.

You could find yourself spending $5 for a lovely chiffon off-shoulder blouse:


And less than a dollar for cute Batman wall stickers that’ll liven up your room:


You might even chance upon an interesting game just like this one, which has gone viral for providing cheer to old folks:

[arve url=”” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”400″ aspect_ratio=”4:7″/]

To make the lives of shoppers easier, the warehouse will be divided into 4 pricing categories: $1, $5, $12 and bulk parcels.

Things To Note

Payment is strictly in cash and items sold are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

You are required to bring your own carry bags too. We’d imagine something like this would suffice:


If you don’t have that big a bag nor rock-solid muscles like Dwayne Johnson, fret not — home delivery is available for big items at $20 per trip.

In Summary

Here’s what you have to remember:

  1. Payment is in cash
  2. Items sold are non-refundable and non-exchangeable
  3. Bring your own bags
  4. Home delivery service is at $20 per trip


If cheap stuff isn’t enough, there’s even a chance to score a sweet $20 voucher. According to EzBuy’s Facebook page, you can stand a chance to win a $20 warehouse voucher by sharing this post and commenting on what you’re looking to buy at the sale.

The giveaway ends on Feb 17 (Friday), at 6pm.


Looks like it’s time to jio everyone you know.



Date: Feb 17 to 19

Time: 11am to 8pm

Location: 1 Greenwich Drive, #01-01, Singapore 533865.

For those taking public transport, the nearest bus stop is #64151, which is only served by bus 72.


Prepare Your Wallets

If you’ve no plans this weekend, do consider spending some time at this one-off warehouse sale. Who knows, you might just snag yourself a great deal.

Featured Image from EzBuy.