Sister Of Man Arrested In Abu Dhabi For Looking Feminine Is Crowdfunding Their Legal Fees


Singaporean pair arrested in Dubai shopping mall for “looking feminine”

On 9 Aug, 2 Singaporeans were arrested at a shopping mall in Abu Dhabi on 9 Aug for “looking feminine” and cross dressing.

Muhammad Fadli Bin Abdul Rahman, 26, and his friend Nur Qistina Fitriah Ibrahim, 37, were charged with a criminal offence for wearing women’s clothing and allegedly behaving indecently in public.

The pair was sentenced on 21 Aug to 1 year in jail as crossdressing, transgenderism, and homosexuality are considered crimes in the UAE. The duo did not have legal representatives, but were charged and sentenced anyway.

Lawyers found for Fadli & Fifi

After a week of searching, Fadli’s sister, Shida posted on her Facebook page that they had successfully found 2 lawyers whom they will be engaging to help out with the case.


In it, she mentions that both fees amount to a total of AED60,000, which is roughly equivalent to SGD$22,300.

She added that they are aiming to raise a total of $25,000 which will cover the translation costs and court fees as well. A more detailed breakdown of the prices as well as further details of the proceedings can be found in the email correspondence with her partner in this project, Jocelyn Teo.


Account set up for raising of fees

In order to make up for payment, they’ve set up an account to raise the legal fees for Fadli & Fifi, whom are currently detained in Al Wathba Police Station.

Together with her friend Vanessa Ho, Jocelyn will be managing the account as well as provide donors with constant updates on the amount raised and progress on the case as well.


To ensure transparency and accountability, the account will start at $0.

At the time of this article, a total of $10,040 had been raised which is roughly 40% of the required amount.


Those wishing to make a donation can do so at the following:

POSB Savings, 276-11128-0

More information can be found here:

“Free Fad and Fifi” Facebook group
[email protected] 

Support on social media

News of the arrest spread over the Internet from Aug 22 and many were quick to provide their support.

Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, a non-profit organisation formed to assist victims of injustice in the UAE mentioned in a post on LinkedIn that they were in the process of securing legal representation and were in touch with the Singaporean Embassy to provide support in any way.

Netizens also took to Twitter to air their frustrations and reached out to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan calling for their safe release.

Some of them included comedic duo Munah & Hirzi.


As well as local deejay and YouTuber Dee Kosh.


The Straits Times reported on Aug 23 that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was aware of the case and is assisting the family for legal advice as well as rendering consular assistance.

Help bring justice to the victims

Once again, details of the account can be found at the following:

“Free Fad and Fifi” Facebook group
[email protected] 


Those wishing to free Fadli & Fifi can do make a donation at the following:

POSB Savings, 276-11128-0

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