Fake Doctor From Australia May Now Be Working In Singapore’s A&E Wards


Fake Doctor Practising In Singapore?

The next time you see a doctor, make sure he doesn’t look like this guy, who has been reported to be a fake doctor:

fake doctor sg


A fake doctor in Singapore? Surely that can’t be true?

Oh, but are fake doctors out there — this guy, Shyam Acharya, is from Australia but is rumoured to have worked as a doctor in Singapore a few times.

Faking It

Shyam Acharya posed as an emergency doctor named Sarang Chitale in four hospitals in New South Wales, Australia for 11 years, reported The Australian.

He even managed to successfully attain Australian citizenship.

fake doctor sg


In actual fact, the real Dr Chitale is a valued member of the rheumatology department of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS).

fake doctor sg

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The Game’s Up

Due to his cheating, Shyam Acharya has been fined by the Australia Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority with the maximum penalty of $30,000, reported Yahoo.

Note that the average pay for an emergency doctor in Australia is about $200,000 — so that fine is just 15% of what he fraudulently earned in one year.

Luckily, his house in Australia worth $1.5 million is currently being sold by the state government in order for the hospitals to recoup his wages.

Thankfully, none of his patients have suffered any adverse effects under his treatment so far.

In Singapore?

What’s even worse is that he might be on our very own shores, right this minute.

According to ABC Online, the fake doctor texted his neighbours in January saying: “I have been doing a lot of back and forth trips to Singapore. I will be back on 31st March.”

A woman who rents a flat near Shyam Acharya’s house told 7 News Australia that the fake doctor would often work in an emergency department in Singapore as a doctor.

She also said he had left for Singapore 5 weeks ago.

Just imagine having a doctor with no professional training attempt to save your life.

fake doctor sg


Keep A Lookout

Apart from the danger this guy poses to Singapore patients, we can’t let someone who hasn’t been trained take the jobs of our own Singaporean doctors, who spent 6 entire years slogging to learn how to save lives.

So let’s keep on a lookout for this fake doctor.

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