Why did the man cross the road? To get to the other side of course!

We are still waiting for answers to why and how a man in dark top and in shorts decided to walk along the track during the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix as race cars zipped past him.

In what looks like a scene from The Walking Dead, the 27-year-old man was caught on CCTV and live television crossing a road that is otherwise empty.

This guy probably misinterpreted the zones his walkabout ticket entitled him access to. Exiting Turn 13, Germany’s Sebastian Vettel was one of the first to spot the track invader.

“There is a man on the track! A man on the track!” Vettel could be heard shouting in alarm.

Race organisers deployed the safety car, a special vehicle which limits the speed of the race cars. Most of the racers used this opportunity to make a pit stop.

Just as he appeared out of nowhere, the man walked along the track — with seven cars passing him at racing speed — and climbed out of the circuit, blissfully unaware of the shock he gave to the drivers.



If you have ever stood on the side of the road when your car broke down, you would have seen other cars driving pass at about 100km per hour. During the F1 race, supercars can go up to 360km/h.

“Sheer lunacy” as Sky Sports’ F1 commentator David Croft put it accurately.

Where did he come from?

While we still have no idea where he came from, a spectator later tweeted a picture of a separate, unmanned gate connecting the race track to the grandstand.

The track invader has since been arrested.

Thank goodness he wasn’t this guy instead.

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Featured Image via 987FM
With references from Channel NewsAsia