Fantasy Desserts Accuses Customer Of Being Immature And Threatens To Sue, Because Of Negative Review

Writing reviews these days is as easy as it gets. Most, if not all businesses have Facebook pages for which you can do so.

For business owners, this means being susceptible to negative reviews left by unhappy customers — just like in the case of dessert shop Fantasy Desserts.


However, the people behind the ice cream store didn’t take too kindly to Ms Celena Ho’s comments. Unfortunately, this led to them handling the situation in the most un-PR way imaginable.

As it turns out, Ms Ho wasn’t too pleased about it and proceeded to share her story on Facebook instead.

Leaving a negative review

After a particularly unpleasant trip to Fantasy Desserts at Orchard Gateway, disgruntled customer – and former gelato fan – Celena Ho decided that she wanted to warn others about her negative experience at the store.

By leaving a negative review on their Facebook page.

Two stars?! That’s.. actually better than one but still below respectable! How dare she.


It was clearly either an act of spite or a genuine attempt to feedback and help Fantasy Desserts improve themselves in the long run.

We don’t know — we’re journalists, not psychologists.

Fantasy Desserts responds

Anyway, founder and Fantasy Desserts director Sara Lim decided that she wasn’t about to let anyone poop all over her hard work.

Which is why she proceeded to thank Ms Ho for her feedback.



This totally won’t backfire on them later.


She did it really sarcastically.

Taunting and threatening to sue

To make matters worse, Ms Ho updated her post only an hour later stating that Fantasy Desserts had removed her negative review.


To which Fantasy Desserts begged to differ.

In a move that most experts would agree as a “PR nightmare”,  they also threatened legal action against her too. No word on whether her pants would drop though.

The dreaded “sweetheart”, they must be pissed now.


At one point, the dessert shop even – seemingly – taunted Ms Ho by posting the following image on her post.

We don’t know what’s going on either.


But why? Why would the shop randomly post this picture? Nobody knows.

Fantasy Desserts’ replies backfire

By this point however, Ms Ho’s post on her own Facebook was already gaining traction on social media.

With over 700 shares at the time of this article, countless netizens were taking her side and warning others about patronising the ice cream store.


Even the image Fantasy Desserts posted – as seen above – backfired.


Singaporeans were quickly turning against them and thousands more were reading about how they had handled the situation.

It wasn’t looking good for Fantasy Desserts.



Netizens had them on the ropes and they had to act fast to save their reputation.

Fantasy Desserts does a 180°

Which is why Fantasy Desserts immediately did a 180° and offered to provide Ms Ho with assistance instead.

But not before promoting their brand, of course.

One apology with a dash of advertisement please.


However, at this point, Ms Ho was having none of it — the ball was in her court and she was going to run as far as she can.

How the tables have turned.


And laid the smackdown on them in the process.

Fantasy Desserts sort of apologises

Finally, the people behind the Fantasy Desserts Facebook page did what most felt they should’ve done in the first place — apologise for their actions.

However, many saw it as insincere and chastised them even further. Why? Take a look for yourself.


In case you skipped the wall of text, here’s what they did:

  • Apologised
  • Explained their side of the story
  • Ask for support “like how the Japanese would”
  • Offered Ms Ho a refund
  • Asked for the post to be removed
  • Promoted their brand

However, it was also at this point Ms Ho realised she had made an error in the pricing of $12.

To which she quickly admitted to.


It even seems like Fantasy Desserts are apologetic and want to look into the issue officially.

Could this finally be the turning point for Fantasy Desserts? Could netizens – and more importantly Ms Ho – begin forgiving them for their comments?

Far from it.


The floodgates were open and there were no brakes on the hate train.


Even Fantasy Desserts’ second attempt to apologise – this time without any advertisement – was met with even more criticism.


The damage had already been done and not even a crane could lift them out off the hole they dug themselves into, metaphorically speaking.

For the sake of the length of the article, we shall refrain from posting any additional comments.

But if you’re interested to see more of them, you can can do so here.

Too late for Fantasy Desserts?

What do you think of the way Fantasy Desserts responded? Do you agree with it or do you side with Ms Ho instead?

We’re no business experts ourselves, but even we could tell you that threatening our customers and telling them off isn’t the best decision for business.


Perhaps Fantasy Desserts could learn a thing or two from ASUS and simply mark all negative feedback as spam instead.

Featured image from Fantasy Dessert’s and Celena Ho’s Facebook.