Freebies and Elections share an amazing correlation

Today (3 August), Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew announced that Singaporeans can look forward to a a transport (buses and trains) fare reduction of up to 1.9% at the end of 2015.


Aside from the reduction of transport fares, Minister Lui may also have served us additional evidence for the election budget theory.

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The election budget theory has never been officially called as such, but has made multiple appearances in various news sources. It theorises that the numbers of days left to the elections is strongly and negatively correlated with the number of freebies such as cash handouts and fares concessions.


Explaining the graph

The theory can be better illustrated in a graphical form — in the graph, when the number of days left to election (y) decrease and approach towards zero, the number of freebies (x) will increase and move away from zero.

Hence explaining the “election budget theory” where freebies (aka goodies) are increasingly given out as the date of the election draws nearer.

The theory, explained in a Singapore context, simply means as election draws nearer, there will be more freebies given out by the Government.

So is the theory true?

Well, it may still be too early to tell whether the “election budget theory” applies to the case of Singapore.

But one thing is for sure, there will be fare reductions of 1.9% at the end of the year.

Guess we only got #SG50 to thank for.


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