Singapore’s About To Become Really Hot Again In February 2018

Remember back in January when the weather was actually cooling and it was pretty much raining everyday?

We hope you enjoyed every bit of it as much as we did. And oh, get ready to say goodbye to all of it.


Because the old Singapore that we know and love is coming back.

Collective groaning ensues.

Dry phase of the Monsoon season

According to the Meteorological Service Singapore, we will soon be entering the dry phase of the Northeast Monsoon season.

Compared with the very wet weather experienced in January, the first half of February is forecast to be relatively dry with some warm days.

This means that you can expect dryer and warmer days with shorter duration showers and below-normal frequencies of rainfall — at least for the first two weeks of February .

Temperatures are expected to range between 24°C and 33°C with a high of 34°C on certain days. In other words:


As opposed to January which gave us this:


See la, January you all complain cold. Now you happy not.

In hindsight, we probably should’ve appreciated the rain a little more.

But cooler temperatures on a few days

On the bright side – hehehe – you can expect cooler temperatures and windy conditions on a few days thanks to a weak monsoon surge expected to pass.

That’s about it, February’s still going to be really hot.


We hope you’re prepared.

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